Brazilian Butt Augmentation

Brazilian Butt Augmentation

Brazilian Butt Augmentation ( Fat Transfer)  by Dr. Stefano Pompei Specialist – Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery

If you’re after a curvier bum, are looking to balance out your upper and lower body or just want to enhance your shape –Brazilian Butt Augmentation ( Fat Transfer) procedure is the best option.

Your surgeon will use liposuction to extract fat from your hips, thighs, abdomen and/or lower back and once the fat has been purified will advantageously infuse it into your bum, muscle layer by muscle layer, until the shape and size you’re after has been achieved.

Why use fat? It looks more natural than surgery with implants and there is no risk of rejection. An added benefit is that the liposuction will leave you looking slimmer than you did before. It is a part of process also known as lipo-sculpturing.

What to expect from it?

Minimal Downtime:

Keeping in mind that this is a surgical procedure, there is minimal downtime. You can resume your normal activities quite soon.

Zero Rejection:

Unlike implants, fat is your own body’s substance ( autologous), the rejection from body is minimal. It is considered to be an ideal material for butt enhancement vis-a-vis implants.

Less risk of infection:

As the fat being injected, is your own fat, there is minimal risk of infection.

Natural Look:

Both liposuction as well as fat injection is done via small incisions leading to no scars.
As the fat injected is done so in different layers, it facilitates a uniform and natural look.

Slimmer Appearance:

As the fat is removed from various fatty areas such as thighs, waist etc, newly plumped butt will appear more prominent.

Schedule a consultation with Dr Stefano Pompei to understand what’s the best treatment for you. For more information, visit or call us on 800 22 33 today!

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