Dental Implants – Best long-term solution to missing teeth

Dental Implants – Best long-term solution to missing teeth

Dr. Sunil Bhoolabhai, Celebrity Cosmetic Dentist who is passionate about transforming smiles shares key information on dental implants procedures.

Why do we need dental implants?

To replace missing teeth and maintain your facial and biological features, thus, looking more youthful and symmetrical. Sometimes implants are the only solution to have fixed teeth, especially, when rear teeth in the mouth are missing.


  • Implants preserve natural teeth.
  • Implants support the gums and give the best natural results.
  • Implants help maintain one’s biological features and thus, providing a youthful appearance.
  • Offers individual replacements for missing teeth


  • Implants cause allergy/reactions
  • Implants will set off metal detectors
  • The procedure requires hospitalization and is very painful

An implant must be chosen so that its design allows it to best integrate with the jawbone facilitating long lasting results. The various components that may be chosen on top of the implant should offer solution in the mouth for best look and function.
Badly diseased teeth/broken teeth/teeth lost due to injury may all be replaced with an implant to restore and rejuvenate a dazzling smile.
There are a variety of dental implant systems available but the clinician must choose one, which is universally accepted worldwide with a solid track record. This is vital for not only reconstruction of missing tooth/teeth but also in case any minor service is needed at another location. The best dental implant is the one that suits that particular clinical case optimally and provides great stability and strength in the long term with the looks to complement.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it a major surgery? Is it very painful?

Most implants are done with local anesthesia using a keyhole procedure that does not involve any cutting or opening the gums. The discomfort is negligible and allows the client to be completely up and above the same day.

2. Can an implant be done upon extracting a tooth?

It is ideal to try to replace the extracted tooth with implant immediately as the implant safeguards and maintains the volume of bone to its maximum. Thus, this will help to preserve individual’s biological parameters.

3. When will I get my teeth after an implant?

In some situations teeth may be given immediately but most often it takes 4-6 months to reinsert the missing teeth.

4. Can people with heart problem, diabetes have implant?

It is possible for people with these ailments to have implants, after scrutinizing current medical status and advising them accordingly.

5. How many implants will I need?

It is ideal to have a dental implant for each missing tooth but it is often not possible due to biological considerations. An entire set of teeth, upper or lower may however be replaced using the support of all on 4 to 6 implants.

Dr. Sunil Bhoolabhai is also the founder and president of the Academy of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry of India, a member and consultant at the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, a diplomat on the International Congress of Oral Implantology (ICOI).

Dr. Sunil specialises in smile aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry, including resin veneers, the restoration of fractured teeth, bonding, crowns and bridges, and much more. 
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