Important Things to Follow after Dental Implant Surgery

Important Things to Follow after Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implant can improve people’s lives by offering them fully functional replacement teeth which look and feel like natural teeth. Dental implant also helps in preserving the facial structure of an individual. With technological advances, Dental implant surgery of today is quick, safe and has minimal risks. Oral surgeons provide aftercare instructions according to the situation of the patient.


  • Minor Swelling. Like any other surgery, swelling is normal in dental implant surgery. Swelling usually occurs around the implant site. You can use ice pack on cheeks near the surgery site for treating the swelling.
  • Minor bleeding can occur.Bleeding, although not common, may occur within 24 hours of surgery. You can bite on a gauze pad for around 15 to 30 minutes. This will be helpful. If the bleeding persists or is excessive, consult oral surgeon immediately.
  • Some pain is common. It is quite natural to experience some pain after dental implant. Some medication can help to get relief from pain. So, start taking them no sooner than your anesthesia effect starts wearing off. If experiencing severe pain, then take pain relievers according to the prescription of oral surgeon. Follow doctor’s advice together with medications.
  • Take antibiotics. Antibiotics are always prescribed after dental implant for enhancing the acceptance of implant and preventing infections.
  • Eat soft food on surgery day. After dental implant surgery, do not eat sticky foods, spicy foods, crunchy foods and hot foods as all these types of foods can irritate the surgical incision area or can get stuck to the wounded region.
  • Avoid exercise immediately. Exercise is no doubt good for health but you should wait a few days. Exertion immediately after surgery can cause aching of the incision area and lead to excess bleeding. You should start up your exercise regime after a few days to keep the incision safe.
  • Practice oral hygiene. Brushing the teeth is certainly a good habit and you should do it on the night of surgery as well. Rinsing with warm salt water can help healing the wound.
  • Implant care. In most cases, temporary crown will be put on the implant while the surgeon waits the healing. Hence, you should treat it like that. You should not disturb or touch the implant area at all on surgery day. In the later days, avoid touching the wound as it is healing.

Thus, these are a few essential tips to keep in mind after dental implant surgery.

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