Myths v/s Reality about Breast Augmentation

Myths v/s Reality about Breast Augmentation

Ladies if you believe you know all about breast augmentation, there still exist myths, which need to be debunked!

Read on to what Dr. Stefano Pompei, Specialist – Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery has to say:

Breast Silicone Implants are the best implants

Each implant has its own distinct advantages. It is unique and customized as per patient’s requirements. There are also other options for breast enlargement such as using your own fat. We at Medstar Healthcare educate you about which option suits you the best before you make your ultimate decision.

Look Amazing Right Away

It is important to realize that the results do not occur overnight. It is to be considered that the implants might look swollen initially but the healing happens gradual. This is why surgeons always recommend proper planning before you decide to go under the knife. Healing happens after a couple of weeks till your breasts slowly settle down.

Breast Surgery makes your breasts look artificial

This is one of the biggest myths. People believe the notion that they can spot ladies with breast implants easily but this is not true. As a matter of fact, breast surgeries make your breasts look so very natural & suited to your body that no one would even know unless you tell them!
We at Medstar believe in creating the best possible natural results.

Breast Surgery = Big Breasts

Most commonly women believe that breast surgeries only give worthy results if you require bigger breasts. This is not true. Breast surgeries are totally personalized as per your needs and requirements. During your consultation at Medstar Healthcare, we will discuss with you about your expectations and the figure you desire. We believe in giving you your desired look.

To learn more about Breast Augmentation/Breast lifts or reduction surgeries, book a consultation with Dr. Stefano Pompei – Specialist Plastic Surgeon – Call 800 22 33.

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