Transform today! A perfect smile starts with healthy teeth

Transform today! A perfect smile starts with healthy teeth

We discuss with Dr. Jyoti, Dr. Radhika, General Dentists, Dr. Tameeza, Specialist Prosthodontist & Dr. Firas, Specialist Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon (OMS) at Medstar Day Surgery Centre the importance of healthy and perfect smile makeover treatments that can help you feel amazingly confident TODAY

Why is it important to have a healthy mouth?
“An unhealthy mouth can contain over million plus bacteria” says Dr. Jyoti. The mouth is the window to the rest of your body; it contains early signs and symptoms of 90% of all systemic diseases that could affect your entire body. The discipline of daily brushing, flossing and regular visits to your dentist. are the secret to that perfect smile

How to urgently deal with pain?
A stunning painfree smile is a lifestyle choice. Recent studies show that around 8 out of 10 people in the UAE suffer from preventable tooth decay and only 2 out of these 10 visit a doctor annually!

Dr. Radhika, our expert in same day root canals, feels tooth decay is the most neglected health issue. Root Canal treatment is needed once the tooth decay crosses the tissue and reaches the nerve. Traditionally a root canal is thought of as a painful long process. However, we use latest technology and skills to clean, shape and seal the root canals in a single visit, efficiently and as painless as possible.

What are the trends in cosmetic dentistry and how to find the right treatment?
“Patients come in requesting minimally invasive treatments, which makequick positive changes without a hefty price tag or damage to their teeth. As a result, composite bonding, non-preparation veneers (Lumineers) and chair side tooth whitening are popular treatment options” says Dr. Tameeza, Specialist Prosthodontist/ Cosmetic Dentist at Medstar

Chairside Teeth Whitening, led by celebrity endorsements has seen an increase in the usage of home teeth whitening products. However, many are not aware that these usually don’t have the correct formulation and can do more damage.At Medstar, we incorporate scaling and polishing with airflow, (an advanced procedure to remove plaque and tartar) into our Chairside Whitening regime, giving you amazing instant results from yellowish to bright white teeth within the hour!

Composite bonding involves effectively using white filling to improve the smile by filling gaps and masking chips. It can improve your smile without cutting any of the teeth. The smile transformation is rapid and can be done in one visit.

Non preparation veneers (Lumineers) – Unlike traditional veneers, there is no need for extensive drilling, anesthetic or plastic temporaries. This is therefore a simpler and more comfortable way of getting that beautiful smile without damaging your teeth or wallet.

What is Smile Aesthetics?
Smile is about proportion and positioning. All pieces of the puzzle need to fit in place for a harmonious smile that compliments your face. Our specialists, Dr. Tameeza and Dr. Firaz often work in combination with our expert Dermatology team to treat not only the teeth but also facial appearance and lip structure using threads, fillers and injectables

In case of a gummy or aging smile (where there is sagging of the lower lips and reduction in the height of their lower face with more noticeable nose to chin lines) we focus not only on rebuilding the teeth but also supporting the tissues around the teeth with Derma procedures in the same sitting to regain a perfect smile.

What are the options and importance of replacingmissing teeth ( due to disease or injury)?
A toothless smile affects not only your appearance and self-esteem but also your overall health. Apart from making other teeth weaker, a missing tooth can results into shrinkage of jaw bone and gum which could make one look older and wrinkled – says Dr Firas-OMS

Couple of options for replacing the missing teeth are;
Dental bridge – the traditional way of replacing a missing tooth. The teeth on either side of that missing tooth are trimmed to act as an anchor for the prosthesis.

Dental implant is a small titanium screw which is engaged in the jawbone where the tooth has been lost. It basically acts as a tooth root on which a crown is placed. Implants are permanent and the best solution with over a 98% success rate.

What is corrective jaw surgery ?
Jaw Surgery is recommended in cases where structural problems in the jaw are affecting your appearance and overall health. These procedures not only improve facial appearance, but also assist in fixing problems like facial injury, birth defects, breathing, chewing and speaking. During surgery, the jaw bones are modified or repositioned, and set into place with surgical plates and screws. Dr Firas -OMS is an expert in these procedures and has performed such procedures with successful results.

Considering the importance of a healthy and beautiful smile, we at Medstar, carefully plan the best treatment for you to TRANSFORM TODAY!
If your teeth need work, call Medstar at 04 357 7877 to inquire about their services. They offer free consultations for smile makeovers and 0% financing options

As featured in Gulf News – 12th Sep 2019

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