What is The Hollywood Smile? The Magic that is Veneers on Teeth

What is The Hollywood Smile? The Magic that is Veneers on Teeth

It’s always the smile that we notice first when we meet someone. Every time you check out Instagram, flip open a glossy magazine, or even meet your colleagues on a Zoom call, you, if you are like the majority of us, feel conscious about how perfect their smile looks. Fact is that a designer smile is within the grasp of everyone. How? Read on – 8 min Read (if you don’t have time watch this video for the gist- 4 mins)


The craze for the perfect smile design in Dubai, got its moniker of Hollywood Smile from the way movie stars across the world, particularly Hollywood got dental prosthesis to get a shiny well-balanced smile. While the origins of designer smiles lay in attaching composite veneers, Zirconia veneers, or, ceramic veneers on to teeth, over time, the science behind it has advanced substantially. The fad of the perfect but fake looking teeth from the late 90’s has given way to designing the perfect natural smile. Before we go into understanding what is the latest technology in 3D Digital Smile Design, let’s have a look at why you need a smile design.


Natural teeth, over time accumulate small imperfections. Staining from food, coffee, tea or smoking, discoloration due to sickness, crooked teeth, loss of teeth, or just the balance between facial shape, size, smile size can result in a lopsided smile. While many consider it a cosmetic procedure, it’s not a laughing matter at all. Just think of the many times when you were in a social situation, where someone made a funny comment, and you started to smile, and then killed it halfway because you were embarrassed.

More so in the times of COVID 19. As people have moved to work from home, the value of a beautiful smile in those video calls, the number of people seeking assistance with getting a great smile has increased. Think about it every time you see yourself in a Zoom call, you grimace conscious of the less than perfect reflection that people see.


The answer to the question, “What is Smile Design in Dentistry?” would be a subject by itself. But let me briefly try to explain what it involves. A smile design is much more than veneers. Here are the primary steps in how smile design works.

Firstly, Smile Assessment and Consultation. We look at your teeth, both physically and with an OPG (dental X-ray) to see how the teeth are set in the jaw. Minor crookedness can easily be rectified with braces or treatments like Invisalign. If required, doctors will reshape teeth.

Secondly, in consultation with you, we will decide the shape and colour of veneers you would like to have. Once chosen, the veneer orders are dispatched to a lab where each veneer is individually crafted keeping in mind your requirements.

In the third step, if you have missing or broken teeth, we work on dental implants or a dental bridge to address the gaps. With our one-day dental implant technology, we can cut down this process from three months to a single day.

And finally, you turn up the day of your appointment, take a seat, we play your choice of music, while the doctor affixes your veneers and voila, it’s done. And if you were wondering if veneers are painful, then let me assure you that Hollywood Smiles are totally painless (both literally and on your pocket too)

Before Veneers


After Veneers



Before we proceed further, let’s answer the question of what type of veneer you should choose and the difference between Veneers and Lumineers.

Like everything in the market, there are different varieties driven by material and quality. The most commonly heard terms are Porcelain Veneers, which are of the highest quality, ultra-thin and are biocompatible. These are the strongest type of material, extremely long lasting and give a natural look to your smile. One big plus is that they are extremely resistant to staining and plaque build-up.


Common brands among these are CEREC. Likewise, Lumineers are a brand of Ceramic veneers. Zirconia Veneers are ceramic veneers formed of Zirconia oxide and have the advantage of coming in different shades that can be customized to give a more natural look. And finally, EMAX Veneers, these are extremely durable and made from Lithium Silicate. They are translucent and give a very natural look to teeth.

Next come Composite veneers, formed from organic resins and inorganic fillers. They are cheaper compared to Ceramic Veneers but more prone to staining in comparison.


Now, that was a mouthful, wasn’t it? But wait, it doesn’t end there. As we said that a Hollywood Smile Design was much more than applying veneers on teeth. The biggest advantage when you come to MEDSTAR is that we make you a co-designer in your smile. Our Digital Dentistry capabilities allow us to take a photo of your face and smile before you start. Depending on your facial structure and relative proportion with teeth, you can easily determine how many teeth you actually need to get veneers for. We won’t make you waste money doing 20 teeth if it’s just 16 teeth that are needed. Computer simulation allows us to project not only how your teeth will look after the treatment, but also allows you to choose colour and shape of the smile. The integrated software and 3D Smile design technology literally gives you a chance to test drive your smile even before we touch your teeth.



Good quality veneers are not cheap. And he temptation for going for an offer is high. But before you decide, do consider the impact that a smile has on your social life, career, health and overall confidence. This blog would have given you a fair bit of idea of the steps needed in a smile makeover and prepared you to evaluate offers. As for results, in my X years of experience, I have seen how people have gone through a Hollywood Smile Makeover and seen a total transformation in how they look and behave in company. Patient confidentiality considered, here’s one of my recent patients from February with her before and after veneers pictures.


One of the most common questions that my patients keep asking me is, “Are Veneers Permanent”? “How Long Does a Hollywood Smile last?” The answer is, almost permanently. Good quality permanent veneers last up to thirty years. Of course, there are cheaper variants in the market available at throwaway prices (Low-Cost Hollywood Smile Design in Dubai- 16 teeth veneers at AED 3000) that will need repairs within a few years. So, when you invest, invest wisely. After all it’s your hard-earned money.

Of course, for the budget conscious, there is a cheaper option- removable veneers. These can be customized or off the shelf and are a very cheap option for someone looking for a quick smile upgrade.


3D Smile Design, goes beyond just application of veneers to teeth, it is about designing your smile and giving you a more aesthetic look that you feel suits your face. The best part is you are a co-designer in the whole process. You choose shape, colour and alignment of your teeth. Our Digital Dentistry capabilities deliver it.
Don’t Wait. Get Your Hollywood Smile. Book a Free Smile Assessment.
So, if you are considering getting a smile makeover, and still wondering about how much do veneers cost in Dubai,


Feel free to book a free for a Hollywood Smile Design Consultation with us using the link below. We will walk you through the consultation with customized pictures showing how your smile looks now, and how it will look after treatment, help you in choosing the correct shape and veneer colour, provide you a treatment plan and an estimate cost.

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