Liposuction Surgery

To get rid of excess fat from the body and look better without having to go through exercises and difficult diets, liposuction is a medical procedure that many rely on. Not always for beauty enhancement reasons, but sometimes for medical reasons too, some may prefer the option of liposuction, especially post-surgery or injury that may have allowed deposit of excess fat. Liposuction usually is performed on the belly, thighs, buttocks, arms, back or even the face. One must have a thorough discussion with the physician before you opt for such a procedure as it may also have certain risks associated with it. Body type, skin type, and overall health are important factors to be considered. The procedure may be ultrasound-assisted, laser-assisted or done by injection to the area where fat is to be removed.

The Procedure

After general anaesthesia liposuction is performed through small incisions. A cannula is inserted to suction out excess fat with a syringe attached to the end of the cannula. The incision is sutured back once the procedure is complete. The results of changing body contours will be visible soon.

Healing Process

Swelling can be expected after the procedure. There may be excess blood or fluid flow for which drains will be placed. For the swelling to completely go away it may take up to some months. But in time the changes expected through this procedure will be evident as the body contours will set in place.


  • Is liposuction painful?

    The liposuction surgery in Dubai is performed under anesthesia, so it is a virtually painless procedure. Like any other surgical procedure, the patient will experience mild pain, swelling, and bruising on the treated body parts after surgery. For these temporary symptoms, the surgeon will prescribe medications. Also, these symptoms subside slowly with time. If you experience severe pain and abnormal swelling, consult the surgeon immediately.

  • Is liposuction a cosmetic procedure?

    Yes, liposuction is a surgical cosmetic procedure of removing excess fat by loosening and suctioning of fat. It helps in reshaping and sculpting the body parts. It is also used with other cosmetic surgeries for better results. This procedure is performed by a certified plastic surgeon only for safe and long-lasting results.

  • Are liposuction results permanent?

    Deposits of fat cells and tissue are permanently removed by liposuction. New fat cells can accumulate if weight is gained. The patient is advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle by adopting a regular exercise regimen and a healthy diet. This will help in maintaining the cosmetic results for a longer time.

  • What are the conditions required for liposuction?

    For long-lasting results and minimum complications after liposuction, some conditions are required for this procedure.

    These conditions are:

    • Firm and elastic skin with good muscle tone for more aesthetic and long-lasting slimming results.
    • The weight of the patient must be under 30% of their ideal weight.
    • Smoking delays the healing of wounds, so the patient is not eligible if he/she has a habit of smoking. They should stop smoking for a period of two weeks before considering the procedure.
    • Pre-existing medical conditions like heart problems, diabetes, or immunity-related disorders also increases the risk of complications after surgery. So the patient must be healthy and not suffer from such health conditions.

    The final treatment plan is prepared by the surgeon based on the medical history and medical condition of the patient.

  • Does Liposuction leave visible scars?

    Liposuction surgery in Dubai is performed by making small incisions on the skin. Scars of surgical wounds are very small and they fade away with time. The new generation of small cannulas (microcannulas) used in liposuction requires small incisions resulting in decreased size of scars. Also, the plastic surgeon will decide on what to do and what to avoid during liposuction for minimum post-surgery scars.

  • What are the complications of liposuction?

    Generally, liposuction is regarded as safe same-day procedure; however complications of liposuctions are:

    • Pain, swelling and bruising
    • Infection
    • Bumpy or wavy skin appearance due to uneven fat removal or poor healing or poor skin elasticity
    • Temporary fluid sac formation under the skin that is drained out with a needle
    • Temporary or permanent numbness due to nerve damage or nerve irritation
    • In the rarest of cases loosened pieces of fat can travel to the lungs or heart through blood vessels resulting in fat embolism. This condition requires immediate medical treatment.
    • In rare cases kidney and heart problems due to an imbalance in fluid levels
    • In rare cases anesthetic drug toxicity

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