Thread Lift Treatment

Aging makes the skin look tired and loose. Signs of aging cannot be avoided, but they can be stopped temporarily and the process can be delayed. Making the skin quickly look young and energized is possible with non-surgical procedures like thread lift. This process is like a non-invasive facelift that tightens the skin and makes it firm and energized. Thread lift is a short procedure that is completed in less than an hour. Self-dissolving sutures are stitched to the skin that pulls it back and tightens the area. This process increases the production of collagen aiding in skin cell growth, and provides a smooth and glowing texture to the skin.

The procedure

  • This is a 45-minute procedure, where first the patient is reclined in a comfortable posture.
  • Local anesthetic is delivered.
  • Surgeon inserts a cannula for placing the thread underneath the skin.
  • Once the thread is inserted, the cannula is removed.
  • Immediate results are visible in a few weeks but for a complete change it may take up to a couple of years.

Our Doctors

Dr. Vimi Ponnamparambath

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  • Is thread lift procedure safe?

    Yes, thread lift is a safe non-surgical procedure for lifting the facial skin for treating the signs of ageing. It is a good option for patients who don’t want to go for surgery for a facelift due to fear or their medical condition. Thread lift is used to the mild to moderate signs of ageing with safe and excellent results.

  • What happens in thread lift?

    In the thread lift procedure, under local anaesthesia small biocompatible self-dissolving sutures are place inside the skin with the help of a thin needle or cannula. These sutures pull up the skin and stimulate collagen production to treat the ageing signs without surgery. This procedure is quick, safe and effective with the least to no complications post-treatment.

  • Who is the eligible candidate for a thread lift?

    This procedure helps in lifting skin by few millimetres, so it is preferred in patients with mild to moderate signs of ageing. Patient in their late thirties to early fifties is an ideal candidate for this procedure. But it is also recommended to patients above 55 years in case they are not allowed or don’t want to go for a surgical facelift.

  • Who performs the thread lift procedure?

    Doctor certified in skin cosmetic procedures, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeon performs the thread lift procedure. Make sure to go to the certified doctor for safe and good results with the least or no complications post-treatment. A skilled doctor will know what to do and what to avoid to achieve desired results safely.

  • What is the recovery time of thread lift?

    Thread lift treatment in Dubai is a simple, easy and safe procedure. It is completed in 45-60 minutes and the patient can go home the same day. Recovery time is minimal and the patient can resume the work after the procedure immediately if want to. Mild and temporary symptoms of bruising, pain and swelling subside in few days to a week.

  • Can thread lift be performed with other cosmetic procedures?

    Yes, thread lift can be performed with other non-invasive skin cosmetic procedures for enhanced and natural-looking results. Other procedure like ultherapy is combined with thread lift for increased collagen production and cell growth resulting in tighter and younger skin with reduced lines & wrinkles.

  • Are facelift and thread lift the same?

    Thread lift


    Non-surgical procedure

    Surgical procedure

    Skin is lifted by the use of self-dissolving sutures inserted by a thin needle or cannula

    Excess skin is removed and pulled up surgically

    No surgical complications like scarring, bleeding

    Surgical complications present like scarring, bleeding, wound infection.

    Minimal recovery time

    Recovery time is 2-4 weeks

    Results last for 1 -3 years

    Results can last for more than 10 years

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