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The Path To Recovery after COVID is long and hard. You need to know how COVID has affected your health. Common symptoms indicating compromised health are:

  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Loss of Smell/ Persistent Cough
  • Body Aches/ Muscle Pain
  • Forgetfulness/ Depression
  • Palpitation/ Chest Pain

Whether you have severe symptoms or mild, it is advisable to go for a complete AFTER COVID check-up.

Long Covid

The MEDSTAR AFTER COVD Package is designed to provide you with a comprehensive health snapshot of your current state and give you tools to manage your return to the Pink of Health post COVID.


  • 19 Point Health Check-up Package covering general profile, blood counts, renal function, lung condition, Vitamin D.
  • Consultant with Internal Medicine
  • All test results and consultation can be completed in a period of 5 days in 2 visits
  • Additionally a Pulmonary Function Test can be performed if recommended by the Physician. ( Price available on request)
  • Additionally a Pulmonary Function Test can be performed if recommended by the Physician. ( Price available on request)

  • The package evaluates your immunity levels after coming out from COVID 19
  • Rule out any other comorbidity developed due to COVID
  • Creating awareness of all possible comorbidities
  • Protection from severe illness
  • Helps in taking action and prevention from severe health problems
  • Psychological Evaluation after COVID

We have all the angles covered.

  • Post COVID, the path to recovery is long. Depending on severity of your illness, you need to identify how overall your health has been affected. The Post-COVID Test Package gives you a comprehensive picture of your health status. In consultation with the doctor you will identify the lifestyle changes you need to make and the precautions needed to come back to the Pink Of Health
  • Peace of mind.

The Post COVID Package will be AED 1,500

Blood Profile (3)Lipid Profile(2)Liver Profile(2)Diabetic Screen(1)Renal profile(4)Electrolyte Profile(3)Cardiac risk Markers(1)Vitamin Profile(1)Anaemia Profile(2)Immune System profile(1)Inflamation Profile(1)Vitals(0)
CBCTrigluceridesLiver Function TestGlucoseUreaSodiumCPKVitamin DIronInterleukin -6C-Reactive Protein
Uric Acid

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