Body Contouring – VelaShape

VelaShape is the first and only non-surgical FDA-cleared medical device for body reshaping, and the first FDA-class II cleared platform for cellulite treatment. It features revolutionary Elos™ technology that enables you to comfortably achieve a toned, contoured and well-shaped body. VelaShape is the only proven device with breakthrough results as it treats both the deeper tissue and the upper layers of the skin. This results in a measurable reduction in fat layers, circumference and the appearance of cellulite.

This procedure can be used for either treating a specific area or can be paired with a complementary process to achieve a significant change to one’s appearance, especially since it helps take care of the loose skin caused by excessive fat deposits.

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Laser Hair Removal – Soprano ICE

Soprano ICE is the most complete and effective hair removal solution available today, offering virtually painless, cutting-edge laser hair removal without the need for anesthesia or numbing gels. The Soprano ICE features a fast, cool treatment and can operate at 10 hertz per second, making it one of the fastest treatments in the world with additional cooling to minimise discomfort. By incorporating multiple laser wavelengths and technologies, Soprano ICE allows our skilled practitioners to treat a wide range of patients and hair types all year round, administering treatments quickly and comfortably and achieving the best possible clinical results.

Skin Tightening

The Soprano ICE Skin Tightening laser is a new and effective treatment for improving skin laxity without surgery or downtime. The procedure uses a safe infrared light to heat the water content in the tissue deep below the skin’s surface, causing collagen fibers to contract and tighten, smoothing out fine lines and sagging skin. The heat also stimulates fibroblasts that repair cells in your skin to produce new collagen, creating long-term results.

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