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Breast Reduction

Many people have heard of breast augmentation because of aesthetic reasons but maybe not as commonly as of breast reduction. You would be surprised to know that breast reduction is becoming a preferred procedure for many reasons.

Similarly, many people have the notion that having bigger breasts will mean more beauty. It’s all about shape and proportion and our expert cosmetic surgeon will tailor the breast reduction services to meet your needs. These are outpatient procedures and you will be discharged at the soonest, depending upon the complications, if any.

Breast reduction surgery is also known as reduction mammoplasty and will help in reducing the size of a woman’s breasts. This procedure will be done by a plastic surgeon, who will remove extra fat, tissue, and skin through cuts on the undersides of both breasts.

When do I see the doctor?

First of all, there is not a specific cup size threshold that is needed in order to benefit from a breast reduction. Hence whichever size you are, look out for the tell tale signs before evaluating this option.

  • Pain due to the bra strap marks, as well as upper back, shoulder and neck pain, which continues to bother you
  • Numbness and tingling sensation in your fingers due to large breasts, which if large enough, can pull on your torso and affect your neck position
  • Decreased nipple sensitivity because of the strain and pull of the breast
  • Frequent yeast infections due to large breast weight rubbing the skin on the breast and at the crease together
  • Frequent episodes of chafing, sweating, and rashes under the breast
  • An inability to exercise or take part in sports
  • Social embarrassment

If you feel you have any one (or more) of these uncomfortable and painful symptoms, it may be time to consider a breast reduction and check in with a certified plastic surgeon to hear their thoughts.

Your reasons may not be physical but some women feel self-conscious or have a negative body image because of their breast size. Many a times choice of clothing and ability to participate in sports can also be limited due to large size pendulous breasts. Breast reduction surgery can address both these physical and psychological challenges.

What are the treatment options?

Our expert plastic surgeon will have you undergo some tests, take photos and measure the breasts and discuss with you how much breast tissue needs to be removed to achieve your goal.

The procedure will be done under anesthesia wherein an incision is made starting at your areola (the pigmented area around the nipple) and continuing down to the underside of your breast. Fatty tissue and skin is removed next to reduce the size of each breast. The surgeon is often able to leave the nipple in place, but, in some cases, they may need to reposition it at an appropriate level.

How long does recovery take?

Since this will be a day surgery, you will be discharged on the same day but recuperation will take time. Precautions have to be taken to ensure not to lift any heavy materials and avoid any movement that might cause muscle strain.

Your breasts will probably feel tender and sensitive and an elastic compression brassiere would be recommended for support and protection.

Depending upon your progress, our doctor will be able to guide you as to when you can resume normal activities like active working, exercising, lifting bags and so on. It usually takes few weeks for the breasts to heel completely and the scarring to fade over time.

Why Medstar?

Medstar can proudly vouch for a very high satisfaction rate when it comes to surgical procedure of breast reduction and the assistance offered during postoperative phase.

Medstar Dubai leverages its years of experience of panel of doctors with cutting edge technology, thus leaving you with the outcome of a standardized and safe operation.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, book your appointment today with experienced platsic surgeons at Medstar Dubai. It is our endeavor to support you with our commitment of best in class service, state of the art technology and complete assistance during recovery.

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