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Cervical Cauterisation For Vaginal Discharge and Bleeding Due To Cervical Erosions

Are you searching for a solution for recurrent vaginal discharge and bleeding cervix? Or are you searching for a certified centre for safe and effective cervical erosion treatment? Your search ends here. Visit the Obstetrics and Gynaecology clinic of MEDSTAR. At MEDSTAR, we provide the service of effective and safe cervical cauterisation procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of cervix related problems of females.

What are cervical erosions?

● The cervix is the lower portion of the uterus that connects the uterus to the vagina, also called the neck of the uterus. The cells of the lining (mucosa) inside the cervix can grow outside the cervix and these are cervical erosions.

● Cervical erosion is the term used to describe the cervical mucosa having damaged tissue or overgrowth of unwanted cells outside or inside the cervix with or without inflammation. It is also known as cervical eversion or cervical ectopy.

● Mostly it is harmless but it can get infected and can cause discomfort. Cervical erosions are treated by cervical cauterisation and treatment of the underlying cause.

● Cervical erosion is diagnosed by the physical examination along with other lab tests. Lab tests include PAP smear test, colposcopy and biopsy. Lab tests are also done to rule out other diseases like infections, HIV or STDs. Proper diagnosis is very important as cervical erosion may lead to cervical cancer. Read more about cervical screening (link).

What Are The Causes of Cervical erosions?

● Cervical polyps can be associated

● STD chlamydia infection

● Change in female hormone levels due to puberty, pregnancy or birth control pills

● Ectopia: In this pathology glandular cells of the cervix are present on the outer part of the cervix towards the vagina. More number of glandular cells results in increased discharge or bleeding.

● Leukoplakia: Leukoplakia is the presence of white plaques on the cervix and it is mostly painless but can lead to cervical cancer.

● Erythroplasty of the cervical mucosa (with or without secretions): This condition is characterized by red areas on the cervical mucosa due to atrophy of superficial epithelial cells of the cervix or adjacent mucosa.

● Cervical erosion is also caused by pre-existing infections, menstrual disorders, hormone imbalances, lesions on cervical mucosa after intercourse and long term use of intrauterine contraceptive devices.

● Multiple pregnancies can also lead to cervical erosion.

● Cervical erosion is also considered as the warning before the onset of cervical cancer.

What Are The Symptoms of Cervical erosions?

Mostly, cervical erosions are asymptomatic but can cause:

● White colour vaginal discharge

● Blood mixed vaginal discharge

● Bleeding after intercourse

● Intermenstrual bleeding

● Pain during or after intercourse

● White or red patches on the cervical mucosa

Do you Need Cervical Erosion treatment?

● The patient can opt for cervical cauterisation if she is suffering from symptoms of vaginal discharge cervical erosion like pain and bleeding after intercourse. This procedure is safe and does not affect the future pregnancy plan.

● The doctor will determine if this treatment is right or not for the patient, based on the factors like:

○ Age

○ Medical disorder

○ Medications

○ History of or active infections

○ Pregnancy or plan of pregnancy.

● Consult our experienced gynaecologists for a complete examination, diagnosis and treatment of cervical related issues.

Why choose MEDSTAR for Cervical Erosion treatment? The MEDSTAR Advantage

At MEDSTAR, we have an experienced clinical team for the safe treatment of cervical erosion. We provide all services from the examination, diagnosis to treatment of cervical issues under one roof in Dubai. We have a cervical screening section for complete diagnostic tests of the cervix that help in finding the exact cause and treatment for the healthy life of the patient. Read more about cervical screening (link).

How is Cervical Erosion treatment performed?

● The aim of the treatment of cervical erosion is the removal of unwanted tissue and healthy healing of the cervix. Cervical erosion is treated by cervical cauterisation to cause the death of affected tissues and the regeneration of healthy cells.

● Cauterisation is a surgical procedure in which heat or cold treatment is used to remove tissues or cells of a part of an organ to stop bleeding or sealing the nerves or removing the abnormal growth. When it is used for treating cervical erosions, it is called cervical cauterisation.

● In most cases, cervical cauterisation has a very good prognosis with minimum to zero downtime.

What are the various options for treatment at MEDSTAR?


● In this method, cautery is used to cauterize the erosion area of the cervix. Electric current is passed through the electrodes leading to the necrosis of the unwanted overgrowth of cervical cells. It also helps in the regeneration of new healthy cells.

● It is not preferred as there is a limited surface area available on the cervix and side effects of scarring.


● In this procedure, high-power laser radiation is projected on the affected area and a layer of affected tissues is vaporized. This results in bloodless removal of tissue overgrowth, healing and regeneration of cervical cells.

● It is also used for the removal of tissue for biopsy or pathological tests.

● This procedure is virtually painless and bloodless with fast healing.


● Cryocauterization is performed by inserting a special metal probe, cryoprobe, through the vagina to directly touch the cervical lesion. After proper position, liquid nitrogen at a very low temperature is delivered to freeze and destroy the cervical tissues.

● It is commonly used for treating precancerous cervical lesions.

Chemical Cauterisation

● In this procedure, cauterisation is done by using chemicals. The chemicals used in this procedure are a mixture of concentrated acids, that is applied to the affected tissue resulting in necrosis of the overgrowth. This helps in the removal of affected tissue and normal healthy growth of underlying cells.

  • Before the cauterization the patient is asked to:
    • Bring someone to take them back home.
    • Bring sanitary pads to cover up the watery discharge after the procedure.
    • Ongoing medications might be adjusted to avoid complications.
  • After the procedure patient is advised to:
    • Take the prescribed medications for pain and to avoid any infection after the cauterisation.
    • Do not miss the check-up appointments after the treatment to track the healing process of the cervix and to avoid any complications.
    • Intercourse, physical activity and bathing in public water bodies must be avoided for the next 3-4 weeks.
    • Sanitary pads must be used instead of tampons for the next 3-4 weeks.

Cervical cauterisation is a very safe and effective procedure having a very good prognosis. The patient might notice watery or blood-streaked vaginal discharge for the 1 or 2 weeks after the treatment. It is normal as the body is getting rid of dead tissues. The Patient is advised to wear sanitary pads. In the follow-up appointment, the doctor will determine the healing progress. In most cases, cervical cauterisation results are permanent with healthy healing of cervical tissues.

What is cervical erosion?

The cervix is the lower part of the uterus joining the uterus to the vagina. It is also known as the neck or mouth of the uterus. The part towards the uterus is the inner part of the cervix called the endocervix and the part towards the vagina is called the ectocervix. The cells of the cervix can get irritated, inflamed or can overgrow from the endocervix to ectocervix leading to painful and bleeding conditions called cervical erosions.

What are the benefits of cervical cauterization?

Women can notice improvement of their symptoms after the procedure of cervical cauterisation. This procedure is safe and does not affect the childbirth process of the patient.  After the complete healing of the cervical tissues, patients can enjoy their normal life. The recurrence of cervical erosions is very rare but there is a probability that the condition may recur due to the female sex hormones activity.

How to diagnose whether it is cervical erosion or not?

The most common symptoms are vaginal discharge and pain or bleeding after intercourse. If you see these symptoms do not hesitate to consult a gynaecologist. The gynaecologist will perform or ask you to get lab tests done like PAP smear test, colposcopy and biopsy. Lab tests are also done to rule out other diseases like infections, HIV or STDs. Proper diagnosis is very important as cervical erosion may lead to cervical cancer. Read more about cervical screening.

What are the risks of cervical Cauterisation?

Cervical cauterisation is a safe and effective procedure when performed by an experienced doctor but the following side effects can be seen:

● Vaginal discharge- The patient may experience an increase in vaginal discharge for 15 days following the procedure

● Severe pain in the lower abdomen

● Swelling, redness and pain in the vulva

● Scar at the site of therapy

● Cervical blood vessel damage

● Cervical canal obstruction

What is the prognosis of cervical cauterisation?

Cervical cauterisation has a very good prognosis. In most cases, healthy healing occurs with few complications after the procedure. Medications are prescribed for healthy healing and avoid infections of the cervix. The patient is advised to follow the instructions strictly for proper healing. Choose the doctor wisely as unwanted complications can be avoided easily by the knowledge and experience of the doctor.

When to see the doctor after the procedure?

Your doctor will schedule a follow-up appointment to track the healing and check infections. So the patient is advised not to miss the follow-up appointment after cervical cauterisation. Also, consult a doctor if you have severe abdominal pain, bleeding, abnormal discharge, swelling, redness and fever post-treatment. Though these symptoms are rare but need medical attention.

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