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Early Cervical Screening Can Save You From Cervical Cancer 

Worrying about abnormal cervical pain, bleeding and vaginal discharge? It might be a sign of infection, irritation or the cancerous growth of the cervix. Get accurate diagnosis through cervical screening at MEDSTAR as a healthy and functioning cervix plays a very important role in women’s lives.

What is the cervix?

● The cervix is the lower part of the uterus that joins the vagina to the uterus. It is made up of two parts - endocervix and ectocervix. Endocervix is the inner part of the cervix towards the uterus while the ectocervix is the outer part of the cervix towards the vagina. Sometimes the cervix is also known as the neck of the uterus.

● It helps in the movement of sperm for fertilization of the female egg. It also supports maintaining the foetus and uterus position during pregnancy and vaginal delivery of the baby.

● It plays a very important role in female health but unlike the vagina, ovaries or labia, the cervix doesn’t get much attention. It is only noticed after symptoms show up.

What are cervical screening and its advantages?

● A healthy and functioning cervix is a must for maintaining the pregnancy. Abnormal cervix or cervical growth can be a sign of cervical cancer affecting the reproductive life of women and can lead to serious health complications.

● Cervical screening is the regular pelvic test used for the detection of the factors causing cervical cancer, pre-cancerous growths and early stage of cancer. It includes the PAP test and HPV test. Along with these tests, biopsy and colposcopy are used to confirm the diagnosis.

● It is a very important procedure to confirm the diagnosis as whole treatment and preventive measures are planned according to it for the healthy and complications free life of the woman.

When cervical screening is needed?

Cervical screening is a regular check-up procedure performed during the pelvic examination of women but it is also recommended when the following symptoms are noticed:

● Lower Abdominal pain

● Vaginal itching

● Intermenstrual bleeding

● Burning while urinating

● White colour vaginal discharge

● Blood mixed vaginal discharge

● Pain and bleeding during or after intercourse

● White or red patches on the cervical mucosa

● Yellow or pus containing vaginal discharge

Are You Eligible for cervical screening?

● The patient is eligible for cervical cancer if:

○ The patient age is between 21-65 years

○ The patient is having symptoms of cervical abnormalities like pain, bleeding etc.

○ The patient has a history of abnormal cervical growth or STD infections

○ The patient is on immunosuppression drugs or suffering from the immunocompromising disease

○ The patient has a history of smoking

● Visit MEDSTAR for the consultation, guidance and complete cervical screening procedure by our experienced gynaecologists.

Why choose MEDSTAR for Cervical screening? The MEDSTAR Advantage

At MEDSTAR, we provide the advantage of experienced gynaecologists and updated infrastructure for accurate cervical screening, as further preventive measures and treatment depend on this procedure. We have different options for cervical screening for the different cases and symptoms presented by the patient.

How is the cervical screening performed?

● In the cervical screening procedure, the patient is laid down on the examination table with bent knees. Then the doctor will gently insert an instrument called a speculum into the vagina. It helps in holding and widening the walls of the vagina for better visibility of the cervix. Then cells of the cervix are collected by using a cotton swab or brush or spatula. Collected cells are sent to labs for tests.

● This procedure is painless without the downtime and the patient can go home the same day.

What are the various options for treatment at MEDSTAR?

Cervical Screening

● Cervical screening is the procedure of detection and prevention of cervical cancer in women. It includes:

○ PAP test aka Pap smear test: In this test, cells are collected from the cervix and sent to a lab for detection of abnormal cells which might develop into a cancerous growth. PAP tests are highly accurate in detecting cervical cancer.

○ HPV test: This test is used to detect the presence of Human Papillomavirus as this virus is the main cause of cervical cancer. The collected cells are tested for HPV strains causing cervical cancer. This test can be performed along with the Pap smear test.

Cervical Biopsy

● A cervical biopsy is a procedure of collecting cervix tissue samples for the diagnosis in the cases of suspected cancerous growths of the cervix.

● Mostly, this procedure is recommended after the PAP test results showing abnormal cells present in the cervix, for further diagnosis and confirmation.


● Colposcopy is the diagnostic procedure used to highlight abnormal cells in the cervix with a special magnifying instrument called a colposcope is placed a few inches away from the vulva. Bright light is focused into the vagina while looking through the colposcope into the cervix.

● This scope helps in better visibility of the tissues and to see abnormal changes or overgrowth in the lining of the cervix.

● If needed small tissue is also collected for biopsy during colposcopy.

  • Before the cervical screening patient is advised to avoid douching, intercourse or using spermicidal products the day before the test because these may interfere with the results.
  • After cervical screening patient is advised to:
    • Use a sanitary pad for vaginal discharge, avoid using tampons for the next 2-3 days
    • Take pain medications if needed, prescribed by the doctor
  • Contact doctor in case of severe abdominal pain, heavy bleeding and discomfort after the procedure.

Cervical screening is a quick, safe and painless diagnostic procedure. The patient can go home and resume the daily life activities on the same day. This procedure is recommended for every woman of age 21 or above as it helps in the early detection of cervical cancer and preventing life-threatening complications.

Is cervical screening necessary?

Yes, cervical screening is very important as it helps in the early detection of cervical cancer. It is recommended for all women 21-65 years of age to prevent cervical cancer and its complications. It is also advised to women suffering from abnormal symptoms of abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding after intercourse.

Is cervical screening painful?

No, cervical screening is not a painful procedure. In this procedure, a speculum is used to hold and widen the vagina walls. This might cause a little discomfort and pressure on the vagina which subsides after the removal of the speculum. Other than this cervical screening is a painless diagnostic procedure.

What are the Risk Factors of Cervical cancer?

● Risk factors increase the chances of cervical cancer in women. These factors are:

○ Smoking

○ STD infections

○ Family history of cervical cancer

○ Diethylstilbestrol (DES) drug exposure

○ Long term use of birth control pills

○ Early active sexual age and pregnancy

○ Multiple sexual partners

○ Unprotected intercourse

○ Multiple childbirths

○ Exposure to HPV (HumanPappiloma virus)

○ Immunity compromising diseases or drugs

How cervical screening helps with treating cervical cancer?

Cervical screening helps in the early diagnosis of the abnormal changes and overgrowths of the cervix. These can be a sign of cervical cancer. So an early diagnosis of cervical cancer leads to early treatment and recovery of the patient. If left untreated cervical cancer can spread to other parts of the body leading to the untimely death of the patient.

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