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Create Happy Smilestones for Your Kid with Children Dentistry at MEDSTAR

Are you struggling with the dental problems of your kid? Or do you want to maintain the pearly white smile of your kid forever? Children dentistry can solve all your problems while maintaining the precious innocent smile forever because seeing your child’s cheerful smile is the most delightful sight.

What is Children Dentistry?

● Children are innocent and happy little humans. Dental problems can affect them both mentally and physically. Dentistry has a branch dealing with children called children dentistry or paediatric dentistry or pedodontics. The children dentist is called a pedodontist.

● Children dentistry is responsible for the counselling of the kid, helping the kids to prevent future dental problems and treatment of dental problems presented by the kid.

● Children also need regular dental treatments according to the dental needs from time to time. The dental treatment for a child can be divided into:

○ Dental counselling: In this step, the child is counselled over dental habits and are made aware of the benefits of good oral hygiene habits.

○ Preventive treatment: Treatments required for preventing future dental problems of the child is covered in this stage.

○ Corrective treatment: Treatments required for treating the dental problems presented by the child are covered here.

Dental problems related to children

Children like adults can suffer from all kinds of dental problems. Common dental problems in children are:

● Delayed eruption of milk teeth or permanent teeth

● The habit of thumb sucking

● Delayed falling off of milk teeth

● Abnormal growth of jaws

● Trauma to teeth, gums or jaws

● Bad oral hygiene

● Abnormal swelling of gums with or without pain and pus discharge

● Tooth decay: This is the most common and visible dental condition. As soon as you notice tooth decay, consult the dentist immediately. This can help in stopping the further progression of decay and its complications.

● Misaligned teeth or abnormal eruption of new teeth.

● Missing teeth

● Grinding of teeth

When Should You Take Your Child to the Children Dentist?

Consult the dentist if your child is having:

● Black colour teeth

● Protruded teeth

● Abnormal position of newly erupted teeth

● Toothache with or without swelling and pus discharge

● Deposits on teeth

● Bad breath

● Delayed teeth eruption

● Half broke or chipped teeth

Is Your Child Eligible For Children Dentistry Treatment?

● Yes, a child suffering from any dental condition is eligible for children dental treatments. Children dentistry treatment procedures are different from procedures dealing with adults for the same dental condition.

● As soon as you notice any abnormal dental condition in your child, visit the dentist. The dentist will counsel both you & your child and will provide the best treatment plan for your child.

● Always consult the dentist for the dental problem and do not try to treat your child at home. Self-treating your child can worsen the condition and its complications.

Why choose MEDSTAR for Children Dentistry? The MEDSTAR Advantage

● Medstar Aesthetics and Multispeciality Centre is among the best children dentistry centres in Dubai. The environment at MEDSTAR is fearless and happy, making it child-friendly which helps in the cooperation of the child during the treatment procedures.

● MEDSTAR also provides the option of use of sedation and lasers in children dentistry while maintaining international quality and hygienic conditions.

●  Our services are comfortable for the child, result-oriented and cost-effective for the child’s family.

● The procedures at Medstar done are acceptable to parents who visit us as these procedures are comfortable and less fearful for their children.

● Our children dentists are child friendly and capable of making the child feel comfortable while treating them. Our dentist team is also very efficient in counselling the child to adopt good oral hygiene habits. This is the reason for our notability of our children dentistry in Dubai.

How do we do Children Dentistry treatments?

● After the consultation, our dentist will provide the treatment plan according to the dental need of the child. All procedures in children dentistry are performed in a comfortable environment for the child.

● According to the need of the child and procedure, local anaesthesia spray or conscious sedation is used after the consent of parents. The technology of lasers is also used at the convenience of parents and the dentist. 

What are the various options for treatment at MEDSTAR?

The Children Dentistry department of MEDSTAR provides several options for the dental treatment of the child. We provide procedures that are easy, result-oriented, less fearful and comfortable to both child and parents.

Our treatment services are:

● Counselling of the children for maintaining the good oral hygiene

● Tooth extraction

● Teeth cleaning

● Orthodontic treatments like braces, appliances to prevent thumb sucking, space maintainers etc are also done at the centre.

● Endodontic treatment like crowns for milk teeth, pit and fissure sealing, dental restorations and a root canal for children also are smoothly handled without making the child uncomfortable.

We also specialise in:

Sedation Dentistry for Children

● Dental treatments mostly cause anxiety and a state of fear in children. It can be due to noise and vibrations of dental equipment, needles or fear of the dentist. To calm and relax the patient, sedation is used in children.

● Sedation dentistry maintains a level of consciousness in the patient for safety and physical cooperation. that’s why also known as conscious sedation. Sedation can be induced by the use of Oral Sedatives, IV sedatives and nitrous oxide.

● It is used to calm a hyperactive child and children with special needs who are unable to cooperate. It is also used during lengthy or single sitting multiple dental treatments of the child.

● For sedation dentistry, strict precautions and instructions are provided by the dental office. They must be followed to avoid any complication during or post sedation procedure.

Laser Dentistry for Children

● The use of lasers in children dentistry is a very good option for the treatment of dental problems in children. It has made children dentistry precise, vibration-free and painless with minimum bleeding while maintaining hygienic conditions.

● Laser procedures are modern and they differ from standard dental procedures. Lasers use single wavelength monochromatic light which can modify both hard and soft tissues without any vibration. This makes laser dentistry less scary for children.

● Uses of laser

○ Removal of tooth decay and preparing the cavity for fillings.

○ In pulp treatments like a root canal for children

○ Tooth extraction.

○ Reshaping of teeth or gums for esthetic purposes.

○ Frenectomy: It is the removal of the hyperactive labial frenulum.

○ Ankyloglossia or tied tongue: Lasers are very helpful in correcting the abnormal attachment of the tongue to the floor of the mouth restricting its movement.

○ Preparing a tooth for a crown.

○ Cleaning of teeth

○ Gum cutting to facilitate tooth eruption

○ Sealing of pits and fissures of the tooth to avoid future decay

● Lasers must be handled by a trained team only. Specific protective eyewear for specific laser wavelength must be used by the dentist, dental team, child and parent. At MEDSTAR we have a team of dentists who are extremely skilled and experienced with handling lasers.

  • Careful monitoring of the child is required pre-treatment, during the treatment and post-treatment to avoid any complications.
  • To avoid post-treatment complications, always tell the dentist about the pre-existing medical condition and any ongoing medication and allergy before the treatment.
  • Parents are advised to follow the instructions and precautions strictly. This will yield better results and minimizes the chances of complications of the dental treatment.
  • Always consult the dentist or physician before self-medicating and self-treating the child.

We at MEDSTAR  aim for fearless dentistry for children by including vibration-free, blood-free and painless procedures. Our children dentist deals with all dental problems of the child and counsels the child about good oral hygiene habit. So that the final result is a happy, fearless and smiling child.

What is a child dentist called?

A child dentist is called a pedodontist and the branch of dentistry dealing with children is called pedodontics.

How often should toddlers go to the dentist?

After the eruption of milk teeth in babies, you can take the baby to the dentist. The dentist will counsel you on how to maintain the oral hygiene of milk teeth in babies.

You must also visit the dentist if you see any abnormal swelling or discharge or delayed eruption of milk teeth.

Why choose laser treatment for children?

Laser treatments for children are very effective, painless, blood-free and vibration-free. All these factors make it less scary than standard drilling and cutting used in dentistry.

What precautions are required to be taken after a dental laser treatment?

There are no specific precautions required after the laser treatment. But always follow the instructions provided by the dentist.

How much does a child dentist visit cost?

The cost of visiting the child dentist depends upon the treatment done, consultation fees and the dental office providing the service.

What's a baby root canal?

It is the endodontic procedure performed in primary or milk teeth. In this procedure, infection is removed from the root canals and filled with medicated resorbable dressing.

When is sedation required in dentistry?

Sedation is required to calm and relax an extremely anxious child patient during the dental treatment.

Will the child be unconscious during sedation?

No, sedation dentistry only calms and relaxes the child and the child remains active verbally.

Will dental treatments damage or weaken the tooth of my child?

No, dental treatment will not weaken the tooth of your child. In fact, they will prevent and protect teeth from future infections.

What are the after-effects of sedation?

The child might experience nausea, dizziness and mental confusion. Full day rest is advised for the child. If any symptoms worsen or you notice any abnormal symptom contact the dentist immediately.

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