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Examine Proctological or Gastrointestinal Disorders With Colonoscopy 

Are you searching for the diagnostic procedure for your abdominal symptoms? One of the diagnostic procedures for gastrointestinal and proctology disorders is colonoscopy. At MEDSTAR, our experienced doctors and updated infrastructure helps our patient with precise diagnosis and treatment of colon disorders.

What is Colonoscopy?

● Colonoscopy is the procedure of visual examination of the large bowel or large intestine. In this diagnostic procedure, a thin flexible tube attached with a tiny camera and light called a colonoscope is inserted through the anal opening to see inside of the large intestine.

● This procedure is used to evaluate abnormalities or diseases of the large intestine. It is the gold standard for the detection of polyps and colorectal cancer. It also helps in collecting tissue samples for biopsy. After the colonoscopy, the doctor is able to determine the cause of the symptoms and provide suitable treatment.

● It is a safe and effective procedure for the diagnosis of abnormal conditions of the colon. New technologies and cameras attached to computers have made it possible to save or print clear and colourful images of the colon while diagnosis.

Why is colonoscopy needed?

● Colonoscopy is required to determine the cause of:

○ Sudden change in bowel movement

○ Diarrhoea, constipation, or feeling of incomplete bowel emptying

○ Anal bleeding and pain

○ Blood in the stools

○ Abnormal thin stools

○ Discomfort in the abdomen like frequent gas pains, bloating, fullness, and cramps

○ Unexplained weight loss

○ Fatigue

○ Anaemia

○ Malnutrition

○ Recurrent anal fisures and fistulas

● It is also used to confirm the diagnosis in suspected cases of :

○ Colorectal cancer

○ Polyps

○ Inflammatory bowel diseases like ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease

● In some cases, doctors can remove small polyps and can collect tissue for biopsy during the procedure.

Are You Eligible for Colonoscopy?

● Colonoscopy is the diagnostic procedure and is advised by the doctor:

○ To determine the cause of the related symptoms presented by the patient

○ As a routine check-up procedure in the patients above 50 years who have a family history or medical history of polyps or tumour growths in the colon.

○ In cases of Inflammatory bowel disease

● Colonoscopy is contraindicated in:

○ Suspected cases of colon perforation

○ Unstable or non-cooperating patients

○ Pregnant women

○ Patients above 75 years of age

○ Severe abdominal pain and anal area infection

○ Severe and acute infections of the colon like toxic megacolon and fulminant colitis

○ Recent history of myocardial infarction

○ Inadequate bowel preparation and sedation before the procedure

● Consult our experienced doctors for the guidance and safe procedure of colonoscopy. Though it is a safe procedure, careful monitoring is required to avoid any unwanted complications.

Why choose MEDSTAR for Colonoscopy? The MEDSTAR Advantage

Colonoscopy in Dubai is a safe and effective procedure for diagnosing colon disorders. At MEDSTAR,  our patients get the advantage of :

● Experienced doctors: Our clinical team knows what to do and what to avoid during colonoscopy to prevent the unwanted complications of the procedure and precise diagnosis. Our doctors have performed more than 1,00,000 surgeries.

● Updated infrastructure: It helps in a clear and detailed examination of the colon resulting in an accurate diagnosis, which is necessary for the proper and effective treatment of the symptoms presented by the patient.

What is the procedure of Colonoscopy?

● The colonoscopy procedure is performed under sedation. The patient will be asked to lie on his/her left side on the examining table with knees close to the chest. In this procedure, the doctor will insert a colonoscope (a long flexible tube attached with a light and a camera at the tip) through the rectum into the large intestine.

● The scope used in this procedure is flexible and can easily bend around the curves of the intestine. The patient will be asked to change position to help the doctor to move the scope.

● After positioning the scope, the doctor will inflate the colon with carbon dioxide for better visibility.

● If required, small abnormal growths or polyps can be removed or small tissue can be collected for biopsy during the same procedure.

● After examination, the colonoscope is removed slowly out of the rectum. This whole procedure takes 15-30 minutes.

What are the various options for treatment at MEDSTAR?

Screening Colonoscopy

A screening colonoscopy is a preventative procedure for patients 50 years or above and who have no symptoms of colon cancer. It is used to check the colon and rectum for any early signs of colorectal cancer so that they can be treated as early as possible. Screening colposcopy is repeated after every 10 years.

Diagnostic Colonoscopy

A diagnostic colonoscopy is performed when a patient has symptoms of colon disease or infections like change in bowel habits, diarrhoea, constipation, rectal bleeding, anaemia, etc.

In this colonoscopy treatment in Dubai, abnormal tissue growth and polyps are removed for biopsy or as the treatment.

Monitoring of the Colon

Colonoscopy for the monitoring of the colon is required in patients that have a family or medical history of polyps or colon cancer. It is also used to observe or monitor existing symptoms or problems of the colon.

Before a colonoscopy, the patient will be instructed to:

  • Follow a special diet the day before the exam that will include only clear liquids like plain water, tea and coffee without milk or cream, broth and carbonated beverages. 
  • Take a laxative the night before colonoscopy or use the laxative both the night before and the morning of the procedure to empty the colon.
  • Adjust or stop medications temporarily at least a week before the procedure

After a colonoscopy, the patient will be instructed to:

  • Take rest for a day till the full effects of the sedative wear off. Do not drive or operate machinery on the day of colon examination. 
  • Arrange someone to drive back to the patient’s home.
  • To eat a special diet temporarily in case of polyp removal.
  • To walk as walking helps in getting relief from bloating, gas and abdominal discomfort.
  • Consult the doctor immediately in case of bleeding or blood clots or persistent abdominal pain or a fever. 

The patient will feel bloated and gassy due to gas pumped into the colon during the procedure. It will get normal in a couple of hours. The patient will also notice mild bleeding from the rectum that is normal and temporary. In case of a biopsy, the doctor will inform you about the results in a couple of weeks. Colonoscopy treatment in Dubai is a safe and very helpful procedure to diagnose early cancerous growths and polyps, saving the life of the patient.

What is a colonoscopy?

Colonoscopy is the diagnostic procedure used for the examination of the lining of the large intestine. In this procedure, a thin and flexible tube (colonoscope) with a tiny camera and light attached to its tip is inserted through the anal opening to examine the colon. This procedure is performed under sedation and completed in 30-60 minutes.

How to prepare for a colonoscopy?

For the clear examination of the colon during colonoscopy patient is instructed to:

● Follow fibre rich and clear liquid diet at least 2 days before

● Take laxatives to completely empty the colon before a day and on the day of examination

● To adjust doses of medications like insulin or blood-thinning drugs

● Arrange someone to drive the patient back home

What are the risks associated with colonoscopy?

Risks associated with colonoscopy can be minimised by taking a detailed medical history and careful monitoring by an experienced doctor. Risks associated with colonoscopy are:

● Perforation on the lining of the intestine

● Bleeding and infection at the site of tissue or polyp removal

● In rare cases, severe abdominal pain, increased heart rate, and fever after a colonoscopy aka Post-polypectomy electrocoagulation syndrome

● Infection

● Electrolyte imbalance

What is the recovery time of colonoscopy?

It takes a couple of hours to completely wear off the effect of sedatives after colonoscopy. The patient must arrange for someone to drive back home. After an hour patient will experience abdominal cramps and bloating due to gas pumped into the colon during the procedure. Walking around help in relieving these symptoms. The patient will be advised to take a rest for a day.

Can colonoscopy detect cancer of the colon?

Yes, colonoscopy is the diagnostic procedure and remains the golden standard for confirming the cancer of the colon and polyps. This procedure helps in examining the inner lining of the large intestine for any abnormal growth that includes both cancerous growth or polyps. With the help of colonoscopy, the doctor can collect tissues from the abnormal growth for biopsy.

Why do I have to stop medications before the procedure?

Some medications used in medical conditions like diabetes, heart diseases and hypertension, can cause the complication of bleeding, delayed healing and electrolyte imbalance. So before the examination, the patient is advised to stop or adjust the doses of these medications by the attending doctor for a safe and complication-free colonoscopy.

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