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  • Cosmetic dentistry is gaining popularity day by day as it helps people in changing the dental features aesthetically with excellent results. 
  • The cosmetic procedures have made it possible to change the colour, shape, size of both teeth and gums and enhance them to look more pleasing. These procedures can create an aesthetically perfect smile.
  • Most people are not satisfied and confident with their crooked, yellow, extra small or broken teeth and dark colour gums. To correct these conditions people are opting for cosmetic dentistry treatments. Successful treatments result in a desired beautiful smile with a bright personality.
  • Fortunately, in modern cosmetic dentistry, we have technical tools like digital smile design which makes the patient see the results digitally before a treatment. This helps both patient and dentist to decide the best cosmetic dental treatment. 

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

  • Cosmetic dentistry is the branch of modern dentistry which deals with all dental procedures to improve the looks of dental features like teeth, gum and smile. 
  • Today dentistry has advanced so much that altering teeth and gum is possible to achieve the desired smile by the patient. 
  • Several cosmetic dental procedures can change the smile in just a few appointments.
  • Cosmetic dentistry treatments are simple but result oriented and the results can be maintained and maximized by following the simple instructions provided by the dental clinic staff. Care taken after treatment increases the life of cosmetic dentistry treatment. 

Dental features and their causes requiring Cosmetic Dentistry treatment

Cosmetic dentistry procedures have made it possible to improve a dental feature that is stopping you to smile at the fullest or hiding your smile. It can be due to: 

  • Natural gaps or space in between the teeth.
  • Broken or chipped tooth due to trauma, by habits of chewing objects like pen or pencil. It is also seen in professionals like wine tasters or people dealing with needlework who hold the needle in between the teeth. A broken tooth looks as unaesthetic as a missing tooth. 
  • Space created by a missing tooth not only look weird it also causes the shifting of other teeth towards the gap. This results in midline shifting of teeth which is again highly unattractive.
  • The natural yellow shade of teeth, discolouration of teeth due to coffee, tea, wine or tobacco chewing and smoking or due to trauma also decreases the aesthetics of a smile.
  • Pigmented gums: dark coloured gums or dark colour patches on gums also affects the smile.
  • A gummy smile can be a result of small teeth or large gums and fortunately, both can be corrected.

When to See a Dentist?

  • When a dental feature lowering your confidence and making you talk and smile less to hide them, that is the situation in which you need to consider cosmetic dentistry. It starts with ignoring the problem but slowly it will start to hamper the growth of a confident and cheerful personality. 
  • A simple treatment can impact the smile and personality positively.
  • Cosmetic dentistry treatments are very effective in resulting in the desired smile results but can only be achieved by proper treatment planning by the dentist. 
  • After the examination, treatment options are determined by the consulting dentist as per the requirements of the patient. 

Who Is It For? Are you Eligible for Cosmetic Dentistry?

  • Yes, cosmetic dentistry is for you if you always try to hide your smile and you are not confident about your smile. It can be either if you have crooked or yellow teeth or dark coloured gums. 
  • Cosmetic dentistry is not age-specific. It deals with both preventive and corrective dental procedures. Preventive procedures are required to avoid any future misalignment of teeth. Corrective procedures are required to correct the presented condition.
  • Patience and trust are all needed for the best outcomes.
  • Cosmetic dentistry has low to no significant health risks. One must bear in mind to choose a fully licensed, qualified and experienced dentist. At MEDSTAR we have a highly experienced and qualified dentist available to boost your smile confidence
  • Visit our dental office for a free consultation and our dentist will prepare a suitable treatment plan according to your dental requirement.

Why choose MEDSTAR for Cosmetic Dentistry? The MEDSTAR advantage

  • MedStar Aesthetics and Multispeciality Center provide all cosmetic dentistry treatments in a patient-friendly environment. Our dental team has a vast knowledge of all the latest trends, techniques and materials in the field of dentistry.
  • We have implemented the Advanced Digital Dentistry program for precise results. Under this program, we use advanced digital dentistry tools which increases the accuracy of the dental procedures resulting in desired results.
  • With the use of digital tools like Intraoral scans we can get the digital picture of teeth and gums for better understanding and planning the cosmetic treatment plan according to it. 3D print crowns and bridges technology has made it possible to prepare precise crowns and bridges for a customized fit according to the patient. Also, depigmentation of gums by lasers is our advanced service provided for the best and long-lasting results. 
  • The cosmetic dentistry procedures are planned according to the requirements and budget of the patient. We at MEDSTAR make our patients an integral part of the smile design process. The patient can choose from different options for the same treatment.

How are cosmetic procedures done?

  • Cosmetic dental procedures depend upon the case presented and the treatment plan made by the dentist according to the patient requirement. These are in-office procedures meaning these procedures are done in a dental clinic. Treatments might require local anaesthesia for painless and comfortable dental procedures.
  • In some cases, a single visit appointment is enough for the result while in some advanced cases multiple appointments are needed.
  • Preoperative and post-operative instructions for the patient provided by the dental team according to the dental procedure done.

Time required for cosmetic dental transformation?

  • The time required for a cosmetic dental procedure and its result depends upon the case presented and the type of treatment selected. 
  • The use of modern technologies in cosmetic dentistry has greatly reduced working time with increased efficacy. While deciding the treatment option number of appointments required is also taken into consideration to save the time of the patient.
  • Results after cosmetic dentistry procedures are considered highly dramatic in a pleasing way. A smile makeover can change the personality of the person.

Any cosmetic dentistry procedure results in dramatic changes in the smile. Like any other cosmetic procedure, it simply enhances the aesthetics and in cosmetic dentistry teeth, gums and smiles are enhanced. Desired results make the smile bright & beautiful with a confident personality.

Are cosmetic dentistry procedures expensive?

Cost of a cosmetic dental procedure depends upon the case presented, the materials and techniques used and the hospital providing the facility.

What is the life of cosmetic procedures?

  • Most dental cosmetic procedures results have long-lasting results. Like:
    • Like laser depigmentation results can last for 20 plus years. 
    • Bridges and crowns can last up to 12 to 20 years. 
  • Maintaining good oral hygiene, healthy food habits and routine dental checkup can extend the life of cosmetic procedures.

Cosmetic dental procedures can give a smile makeover?

A) Yes, they are for smile makeovers. They can transform the smile by altering the size, contour and shade of teeth and gums.

What are the requirements for cosmetic dentistry?

There are no requirements just consult the dentist specialist in cosmetic dentistry and he/ she will provide you with the treatment plan. We provide the latest services as:

  • Dental crowns for missing tooth
  • Bridges for missing for multiple teeth
  • Gum depigmentation for dark gums
  • cleaning and polishing and/or teeth whitening for yellow dirty stained teeth
  • veneers and lumineers to reshape the teeth

Can cosmetic dentistry fix crooked teeth?

Yes, cosmetic dentistry can fix crooked teeth by the use of orthodontic braces. For more information visit -orthodontic page link-

What does cosmetic dentistry include?

Cosmetic dentistry includes all the dental procedures that can change dental features like crooked teeth, overbite, yellow teeth, gummy smile, chipped teeth and discoloured teeth.

Can cosmetic dentistry fix the overbite?

When the horizontal distance between front upper and lower teeth is more than 2 mm then it results in an overjet with an open mouth bite.

Overbite results when the vertical distance between front upper and lower teeth is more than 2mm. 

Yes, cosmetic dentistry can fix both overbite and overjet by the use of dental braces or veneers. Consult our dentist for treatment options or visit -orthodontic page link-

Can cosmetic dentistry fix receding gums?

Receding gums can be caused by conditions like gum diseases, vigorous brushing or faulty dental prostheses. So it depends on the cause which department of dentistry will treat it. You can get more information by visiting our dental office.

Will cosmetic dentistry procedures weaken my teeth?

No, it is a myth, cosmetic dentistry enhances dental features without damaging the teeth. Please visit our dental office for further information and clinical examination. You can also check our expert dentists - Dr Firas Osman, Dr Mohammed Ziad, Dr Pooja Sathe, And Dr Saif-al-gburi.

Can cosmetic dentistry help me with the yellow teeth?

A) Yes, it can make teeth more white and bright for a natural pearly white smile. For further information visit the teeth whitening.

Which one is better dental crown or bridge?

Dental Crown vs Dental Bridge

A dental crown

A dental bridge

it is used for the restoration of the lost structure of a single tooth.

It is used for replacing the missing tooth or teeth with the help of adjacent teeth.

Some original tooth structure is required to fix the crown on that tooth structure without involving other adjacent teeth.

Adjacent teeth are prepared to fix the bridge on them to replace completely missing tooth.

Crowns are cheaper as they are one in number.

Bridges are expensive as they involve multiple teeth.

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