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Female Sexual Health Problems Can Be Improved and Treated! Break the Taboo

Most women experience sexual problems at some stage of life resulting in poor sexual health. Female sexual health can be easily affected by surrounding physical, emotional and social factors. At MEDSTAR, our experienced Gynaecologist guide, treat and support female patients with sexual problems.

What is Female Sexual health?

● Female sexual health can be defined as a state of well-being that lets a woman participate and enjoy sexual activity safely. It is affected by a range of physical, psychological, personal, and social factors.

● When a woman suffers from constant pain, low desire for sex and problems with orgasm results in female sexual disorders. Many women suffer from sexual problems at some stage in their life.

Why is female sexual health needed?

● Female sexual health is needed to guide and treat sexual problems related to females and for practising safe sexual activities.

● It helps in treating female sexual disorders like:

○ Low sexual desire due to lack of sexual interest

○ Sexual arousal disorder is a sexual problem resulting in low or no arousal before or during sexual activity.

○ Orgasmic disorder is the constant or frequent problem of not achieving orgasm

○ Pain during sexual stimulation or sex

● It also helps in guiding and making them aware of safe sexual practices to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

What are the causes of female sexual disorders?

● Female sexual disorders are caused by a range of factors like:

○ Lack of emotional and physical connection with the partner

○ Anxiety, depression and stress

○ Mental trauma

○ Medical conditions like diabetes or  thyroid

○ Drug or alcohol abuse

○ Medications like antidepressants

○ Gynaecological conditions like vaginismus (a disorder of vaginal muscles resulting in spasm during sexual activity)

○ Menopause

○ Hormonal imbalance

○ Female genital mutilation

○ Sexually transmitted diseases

○ History of sexual abuse

Are You Eligible for female sexual health?

● Female sexual health is fundamental to the overall health and well-being of women. Most of the women ignore their sexual health due to embarrassment, socio-economic factors or lack of resources.

● A woman is free to opt for female sexual health options for safe sexual practices and treatment of sexual disorders irrespective of age.

● Visit our gynaecology department at MEDSTAR for full support, guidance, treatment and care for female sexual problems by our expert clinical team.

Why choose MEDSTAR for female sexual health? The MEDSTAR Advantage

At MEDSTAR, we have a certified clinical team for the guidance and treatment of problems related to female sexual health. We provide the advantage of experienced doctors and updated infrastructure to help and support females with their sexual problems while following strict confidentiality policies.

How female sexual disorders are diagnosed and treated?

● Female sexual disorders are diagnosed by:

○ Detailed medical and sexual history

○ By performing a pelvic exam to check for physical changes of the genital tissues

○ Blood tests to check underlying health conditions that might be affecting sexual functions in female

● Female sexual disorders are treated by both non-medical and medical treatment separately or in combination. Non-medical treatment includes therapies, counselling and practising healthy lifestyle habits. Medical treatment includes hormones therapy and other medicines.

What are the various options for female sexual disorder treatment at MEDSTAR?

Non-medical treatment

● Communicating with the partner and talking about likes and dislikes during the sexual activity

● Practising healthy lifestyle habits like exercise, healthy diet and avoiding alcohol

● Professional counselling with the counsellor or therapist who specialises in sexual and relationship problems

● Try using a lubricant for vaginal dryness and sex devices for stimulation of the clitoris.

Medical treatment

Medical treatment for sexual dysfunction involves treating the symptoms and underlying medical conditions. It includes:

● Estrogen therapy in the form of a vaginal ring, cream or tablet to improve vaginal tone, elasticity, blood flow and enhanced lubrication.

● Ospemifene is a selective estrogen receptor modulator that is used for reducing pain during sex in women suffering from vulvovaginal atrophy.

● Androgen therapy uses testosterone to improve sexual function in women.

● Flibanserin is a  choice of medicine approved by the FDA for treating low sexual desire in premenopausal women.

● Bremelanotide is FDA approved injection is used for treating low desire for sex in premenopausal women. It is injected before the sexual activity under the skin in the belly or thigh.

Routine check-up

● We provide the service of routine gynaecology check-ups for the treatment and prevention of sexual health-related problems of females.

● It includes:

○ Guidance on safe sexual practices to prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases

○ Pap smear tests

○ Pelvic examination

○ Treatment of sexual health-related problems

After finding out the underlying cause and its treatment, results in improved sexual functions in females. Factors related to female sexual dysfunction are mostly complex and require mental, physical and social support.

What is female sexual health?

Female sexual health is defined as the state of well being of women to enjoy and participate in sexual activity. It also includes safe sexual practices to prevent unwanted pregnancy and STDs. It is easily affected by the emotional, physical and social factors resulting in female sexual dysfunction or disorders.

Is female sexual health necessary?

Yes, good female sexual health is necessary for the overall health of females. When it is affected, it results in female sexual problems which might lead to further health problems, stress and can affect the relationship with a partner. It is needed for a good sex life with the prevention of unwanted pregnancy and STDs.

What is female sexual dysfunction?

● Female sexual dysfunction is a sexual problem in females that restrict a woman to enjoy and participate in sexual activity. This dysfunction includes:

○ Low or no desire for sex

○ Orgasm disorder

○ Pain during sex

○ Low or no arousal during sexual activity

○ Vagainal atrophy  

● It is treated by non-medical and medical treatment options separately or by a combination of both.

What are the risks factors for female sexual dysfunction?

Risks factors increasing the chances of female sexual dysfunction are:

● Anxiety, depression and stress

● Heart disease

● Neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis

● Medical conditions like diabetes, thyroid

● Gynaecological conditions like vulvovaginal atrophy, vaginismus

● Sexually transmitted diseases

● Medications like antidepressants

● Not having a good relationship with the partner

● A history of sexual abuse

Are female sexual problems curable?

Female sexual problems are affected by a range of physical, emotional and social factors. Non-medical and medical treatment of the underlying cause either physical, emotional or social, help in improving the symptoms of sexual dysfunction in females. Consult our experienced doctors for complete guidance on female sexual disorders and female sexual health.

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