What is Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia is the problem of enlargement of male breast tissue and hence also known as male boobs – male breast reduction is cosmetic surgery process by which the excess fat and/or glandular tissue around the male breast is removed for a toned, flatter and contoured masculine chest. It is very common for body builders to undergo this procedure

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Why Male Breast Reduction

Male develops enlarged breast tissues due to genetics, hormonal changes, use of certain medications and other specified or un-specified reasons. While these are non-cancerous and have few physical complications the emotional and phycological problems such as low esteem /confidence are common with this problem.

Male breast reduction is a safe and simple cosmetic surgery procedure. At Medstar, the patient checks-in the morning and checks-out in the evening after successful surgery to go back to home. Needless to say that our expert plastic surgeons who performs these surgeries help you Transform Today !

Gynecomastia with Liposuction

With advancement of Liposuction techniques experienced plastic surgeon are able to treatment many gynecomastia patients with less invasive techniques such as liposuction. Surgeon skills always plays key role in any procedure and hence one should choose a surgeon with experience in liposuction / breast reduction / reconstruction

In this procedure incisions are made around the along the edge of the areola or within the armpit through which the excess fat / glandular tissues are removed to give the chest a contoured and sculpt look that is looks as natural. For more severe cases Tissue excision process is used which helps the surgeon to remove greater amount of glandular tissue that cannot be successfully treated with liposuction alone.

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Life after Male breast reduction

It is very important to understand that the recovery process generally depend on complexity of the procedure and the patient himself ie his body – no two people and procedures are same. Like any other cosmetic procedure the patient is given a compression garment to wear for first few weeks in order to support the healing tissues and minimize the swelling. Normal time required off work is two to three days and three to four weeks is the time to get back to normal routine. Our Expert plastics surgeons will guide you before, during and after the process with a bespoke recovery plan and instructions.

The results are generally of permanent nature but it is always important to maintain a healthy lifestyle

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