Regenera Activa®

is a no-downtime, advanced hair growth treatment that uses regenerative cells extracted from your scalp to stimulate the other areas that are losing hair.

Medstar is proud to be one of the first clinics in UAE to introduce this technology

How Does Regenera Activa® Work?

Using the latest capillary regenerative technology approved by FDA, Regenera Activa®’s patented system extracts “micro-grafts” from your scalp.

When injected into the areas of hair loss, these "micro-grafts" repair and regenerate your scalp.

The result is thicker and stronger hair.

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What Results Can I Expect With Regenera Activa®?

Numerous clinical studies and reviews show improvements in hair density, hair counts and scalp coverage 1 month after Regenera Activa®.

At first reduction of hair loss is witnessed.

Next, there is improved thickness of existing hair and growth of new hair over the next 12 months.

The latest follow-up research from Europe show that 1 treatment of Regenera Activa® may have results lasting up to 3 years. Best results are achieved when used in combination with other synergistic hair loss treatment ( which our Dermatologist will advise)

*Individual results vary.

Am I Suitable For Regenera Activa®?

Suitable for Men and Women.

Clear diagnosis of Male or Female Pattern Hair Loss.

Mild to Moderate Hair Loss/Thinning.

Strengthens scalp Before and After hair transplant.

Hair Loss Treatment with Regenera Activa®️ - Micrograft Technology at Medstar

Losing hair? Grow it back TODAY! Get advanced hair growth treatment with Regenera Activa ®️.

Regenera Activa®️ is a patented system that:
✔Repairs and regenerates your scalp.
✔Provides a “Micro-graft” ...


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