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Clean, Glowing, Healthy Skin Complexion With IV Drip Therapy

Feeling stressed or exhausted, need help to maintain your skin healthy and glowing without medications and painful surgeries? At MEDSTAR, we have an extremely safe solution for you. IV drips are like a fountain of youth maintaining the glow and youth of the skin with almost zero complications. 

What are IV drips?

● IV drips are special formulations containing vitamins and other nutrients required for healthy and glowing skin. These formulations are given intravenously so they are available for maximum and quick absorption bypassing the digestion process. The nutrients are easily absorbed resulting in improved health, strength and appearance of skin in just 24 hours. The nutrients are infused slowly for over 30-45 minutes through veins.

● They are more effective than oral supplements because they are directly injected into the bloodstream. 90% of the solution is available for quick absorption as it bypasses the oral route.

● It is a non-surgical procedure and patients can go home immediately after receiving the DRIP.

What does an IV drip contain?

● IV drips for skin are special formulations containing antioxidants, several vitamins and other nutrients for rejuvenation of the skin.

● It contains antioxidants like glutathione and various vitamin which helps in fighting free radicals. This results in reversing the damage and tiring dull look of the skin with a boost in energy.

● It contains vitamins like:

○ Vitamin C boosts immunity, tissue growth, wound healing and repair.

○ Vitamin D helps in fighting acne infections cells growth and repair

○ Vitamin E removes damaging free radicals and protects from UV rays that can contribute to premature ageing, wrinkles, and dark spots.

○ Vitamin K helps in achieving a clear, even complexion by improving the appearance of stretch marks, spider veins, circles under your eyes, and scars. It also helps in proper blood clotting and wound healing.

○  Vitamin B complex improves the strength of your skin, hair, and nails along with overall health.

● It contains micronutrients like zinc, copper, selenium, magnesium to countereffect the free radicals, improve cell growth and repair.

● It contains a saline solution that flushes out toxins and free radicals with hydration.

● It also contains several amino acids for improving the elasticity, regrowth and repair of the skin.

Advantages of IV drip therapy

● Boosts Immunity to fight infections

● Improved cell growth, cell repair and new cell formation

● Replenishes vitamins and other nutrients

● Helps in repairing free radical damage responsible for ageing skin

● Decreased formation of free radicals

● Helps in flushing out the toxins

● Strengthens hair and nail

● Improves skin health, tone and texture

● Helps in brightening the skin

● Improved overall health

● Helps with dehydration

● The maximum solution is absorbed quickly resulting in maximum benefits

● Helps reduces inflammation

● Improves skin glow

Are You Eligible for IV drips?

● IV drips are the latest trend in wellness procedures to achieve a clear and glowing complexion. The patient might get tempted for the mega boost of wellness but IV drips require a trained and experienced clinical team.

● The patient can opt for IV drips:

○ In case of dull and tiring appearance of skin even after regular oral supplements.

○ Dehydrated skin after hangover or heat stroke

○ In case of fine lines on the facial skin

○ To increase the immunity and improve the overall health

● At MEDSTAR, our clinical team is experienced in IV drip therapy and they will discuss all risks and benefits, with pre and post-treatment instructions of the therapy for safe, satisfactory and amazing results. Also, we follow the standard protocols for IV drip therapy.

● This is an extremely safe therapy but consult the doctor immediately if there is any swelling or bruising at the site of injection or symptoms of dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

Why choose MEDSTAR for IV DRIP treatment? The MEDSTAR Advantage

At MEDSTAR, we provide the latest procedures in the field of Wellness. Our clinical team is highly efficient in IV drip therapy for safe and amazing results.

Our surgeons have experience of over 3 decades and always discuss and guide the patient with the risks and benefits of every cosmetic procedure including IV drips therapy. Our surgeons are well known in Dubai, for a safe and result oriented approach to wellness procedures.

How do you do an IV drip treatment?

An IV drip treatment is done by infusing the specially formulated solution intravenously (through the veins). The patient is seated/rested comfortably and an IV drip is connected by inserting a needle into the veins in the arms. The smallest size of the needle is used for the least pain which feels like a pinch. The patient can go home after an observation of 15- 30 minutes post-therapy. 

What are the various IV Drip options at MEDSTAR?

Different IV drips are used for different results:

 Glutathione IV drip is used for skin brightening, detoxification, improving immunity,  hair strengthening and reducing damage to the liver.

 N-acetyl cysteine IV drip boosts the production of glutathione in the body.

 Vitamin C – immunity IV drip is an energy booster having a flushing effect that improves the skin colour.

 Vitamin D3 IV drip boosts the body's metabolism, improves immunity, improves skin health, makes bones healthy, helps in proper absorption of minerals, helps in losing weight and reducing depression.

 Micronutrients IV drip helps in building immunity, breaks down toxins, builds proteins and heals wounds.

 B complex IV drip improves skin and hair texture, increases immunity, enhances mental health and increases energy.

 Multivitamin IV drip for women is a formula specially prepared for women health. It contains a high dose of vitamins, minerals and iron for hormonal balance. It also helps in boosting energy for the daily life of women by replenishing the irons, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and nutrients.

 Anti-stress IV drip helps in managing stress and improving the mental health of the patient. This results in delaying the early ageing signs symptoms.

 Energy IV drip for men is the magical potion for men that helps in boosting energy, replenishing the nutritional deficiencies and improving the immunity in men. It contains all necessary vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, nutrients and electrolytes required for the good health of men.

 Skin-glowing IV drip contains vitamin B, a high dose of glutathione, biotin and multitrace vitamins to increase the elasticity, tone and detoxification of the skin. This results in healthy glowing skin.

 Gut-cleanse IV drip contains L-glutamic acid and folic acid to repair and strengthen the digestive tract resulting in improved digestion and detoxification of the body.

 Anti-hair loss IV drip contains multivitamins and iron to prevent hair fall and premature greying of hair.

 Liver-cleanse(detox) IV drip contains vitamin c, glutathione, alpha-lipoic acid and magnesium for detox of the liver to flush out the toxins out of the body and boost overall health. It is also used as a hungover recovery treatment.

 Anti-ageing IV drip contains vitamin C and glutathione that helps in hydration, reduction in free radicals production and improving the immunity of the body. This drip helps in delaying the signs of ageing and improving the overall health of the patient.

 Custom IV drips are the drips that are customized according to the patient. The quantity of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients are adjusted according to the deficiency or requirement of the patient. Our clinical team is highly skilled in customizing the IV drip formulas safely as per the concern of the patient.

● There are no special instructions for IV drip therapy. But blood tests are done to avoid overdose complications of vitamins and minerals.

 Post therapy patients are asked to hydrate themselves to flush out the toxins and free radicals.

 This procedure needs several sessions to maintain the glow of the skin for a longer time. In the beginning, patients might need sessions weekly and later monthly sessions to maintain and maximize the results of an IV drip.

IV drip is an extremely safe procedure to replenish the skin and results can be seen within 24 hours. The patient can see the difference in their skin within few hours after therapy. Their dull, tiring and puffy skin will transform into healthy and glowing skin with a clear complexion. Patients will also feel more energetic with improvement in overall health.

Is IV drip safe?

IV drip is safe when performed by a clinician at a licenced medical centre. Chances are rare of having post-treatment complications but consult the doctor immediately:

● If you feel dizzy and nauseous

● If you notice swelling, bruising and itching at the site of infusion.

● Also before the procedure, always inform the surgeon about your pre-existing medical condition, medications and allergies to avoid complications.

Are IV Drip results permanent?

IV drip is an alternative to oral and dietary supplements. The difference is the bioavailability of nutrient is more than 90% for absorption by the body while in the case of oral supplements only 50% of nutrients reach the blood for further absorption. For longer results, several sessions of IV drips are required to maintain the level of nutrients in the blood.

We recommend to take initially 3-4 sessions in gaps of 3 weeks and followed by sessions every couple of months

What kind of solution is used for iv drip for skin?

The solution is specially formulated to replenish and hydrate the skin. It contains antioxidants (glutathione, vitamin C), multivitamins (vitamin A, B, C, D, E  and K), micronutrients (zinc, magnesium etc), amino acids and saline solution. These nutrients help in detoxifying, fighting free radicals, promote cell growth and repair along with improved overall health of the patient.

Will it help in improving my skin?

Yes, it helps in improving the tone, texture and health of the skin. Nutrients necessary for healthy skin are provided by IV drips that are injected into the bloodstream that is readily absorbed by the body. More than 90% of nutrients are absorbed by the body quickly resulting in noticeable healthy changes in the skin.

Will it fade away acne and acne scars on the skin?

Yes, IV drip helps in the lightening and brightening of the skin. Acne scars and stretch marks are also reduced because IV drips promote new cell growth and repair of cells of the skin. It helps with fighting skin infections like acne, so improvement can be seen in cases of acne.

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