Nutrition can be defined as the science of applying principles of nutrition and food science to achieve and maintain health.

Medstar’s Nutrition and Dieticians department is our central specialty with highly skilled professionals working to provide you with health and wellness in Dubai.

The main aim of our department of Nutritionists and Dialecticians is to institute and encourage proper nutritional standards and practices as a critical part of our day to day n integral part of the health routines. Medstar is 100% patient-centric, but that is not just a goal, but the core of the existence of our wellness center in Dubai.

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Objectives of Our Department

Medstar is a comprehensive health and wellness center in Dubai that aims at:

Providing the most superior quality nutrition and dietetic care and services

To increase the practice of clinical nutrition includes the development of specialist dietetic professionals within the department

Coming out and developing effective treatments and new therapies with the help of the evidence-based practice

To educate future Dietitians and other health care providers.

Medstar is a complete medical wellness center in Dubai that has highly qualified nutritionists and dieticians. Our experienced experts help patients in understanding the necessity for holistic and essentially therapeutic diet plans that are based on their health concerns and problems.

Medstar’s experts are available to guide you through a healthy lifestyle.



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