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Lighten Up your Smile Like Natural Pearls with Advanced Teeth Whitening Systems

Are you noticing the stains and discolouration of teeth despite regular brushing and good oral hygiene? Are these stains pushing your beautiful smile towards dullness? As a solution, Dentistry has teeth whitening systems that can improve the shade of teeth resulting in a white natural pearly smile.

What Is Teeth Whitening?

● Teeth whitening is a dental cosmetic procedure used for improving the colour of the teeth. In this process, teeth are bleached by the use of bleaching gels, lasers or whitening systems like zoom and flash.

● The main component of bleaching gel is hydrogen peroxide and its percentage varies according to the product. The percentage of hydrogen peroxide in-home products is 10% while the ones used at the dental office have 25% hydrogen peroxide.

● The hydrogen peroxide breaks down after the chemical reaction and oxygen molecules are released which enters the tooth surface and causes oxidation of stains. Oxidation of stains results in the removal of stains from the tooth surface.

● An advanced in-office teeth whitening system also uses special lights or lasers to increase the efficacy of the bleaching process.

● Lamp or laser activation of hydrogen peroxide results in painless, sensitivity-free and long-lasting teeth whitening.

Causes Of Tooth Discolouration Requiring Teeth Whitening

● Stains caused by tea, coffee, red wine and coloured cold drinks

● Stains caused by smoking cigarettes and tobacco chewing

● Staining of teeth due to poor oral hygiene

● Whitening of the natural yellow shade of teeth for a smile makeover

● Discolouration of teeth due to trauma or excessive fluoride content in water

● Discolouration of teeth due to abnormalities of the tooth enamel

When to see the dentist?

Visit to the dental office is recommended when :

● When you start noticing the stains even after regular brushing. Maintaining good oral hygiene.

● You have tried in-home bleach and over the counter methods like whitening toothpaste with low to no effect on stains.

● You are planning for a smile makeover.

Who is teeth whitening for? Are you eligible for teeth whitening?

● Teeth whitening is for you if discoloured or stained teeth are making you hide your smile. You have tried all other options like maintaining good oral hygiene, teeth whitening toothpaste, home remedies and in-home teeth whitening kit, however, none of them help in getting rid of the stains.

● Teeth whitening is not recommended for children below 13 years of age, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

● You are not eligible for teeth whitening if you are already suffering from sensitive teeth. Teeth whitening is contraindicated with teeth sensitivity. This is to avoid extreme post teeth whitening sensitivity.

● Before deciding on teeth whitening you must consult the dentist to clear your doubts and suggest you a suitable and safe treatment option.

Why choose MEDSTAR  for teeth whitening? The MEDSATR advantage

● Medstar Aesthetic and Multispeciality centre provide all types of the teeth whitening in Dubai. We have both conventional and modern teeth whitening systems like Philips Zoom and Flash teeth whitening. We also have an option of laser teeth whitening for a painless and sensitivity-free experience for the patient.

● All these teeth whitening options at MEDSTAR  are painless and do not lead to teeth whitening sensitivity post the procedure. In just one appointment, yes you read it right! All it takes is 45 to 60 mins to complete the teeth whitening procedure to have a whiter shade of teeth. We have result-oriented treatment options which are both time saving and cost-effective for the patient.

● We also have a patient-friendly environment in the dental office for the comfort of the patient. Our dentists are highly experienced and skilled in delivering teeth whitening results as per the requirement of the patient.

What is the procedure of teeth whitening?

● Teeth whitening is the process of bleaching the teeth to lighten the shade of the teeth. Necessary precautions are taken before starting the procedure like wearing protective eyewear, covering the gums and retracting the cheeks and lips.

● Only teeth are exposed and the whitening gel is applied onto the exposed teeth.

● Teeth whitening gel is applied to the teeth and activated by light lamps. This results in the activation of hydrogen peroxide and the release of oxygen. Oxygen enters the enamel of teeth, resulting in the breakdown of stains.

● In the case of teeth whitening with laser, lasers are used to activate the hydrogen peroxide in the gel.

● Instantly after the teeth whitening anti-sensitivity gel is applied on teeth to avoid sensitivity complications.

Teeth whitening options at MEDSTAR

The patient can choose from various teeth whitening option at MEDSTAR. All options are safe and equally effective.

Zoom teeth whitening system aka Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed

● Zoom teeth whitening system consists of  Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp and Zoom hydrogen peroxide whitening gel.

● The whitening gel is applied to teeth surfaces only. Then the gel is activated by light provided by the  Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp for 15 minutes. Three 15 minutes sessions of gel activation are done to get the desired results.

● The mechanism of Zoom teeth whitening is to activate 25 % of hydrogen peroxide for accelerated bleaching process using Zoom’s blue plasma LED light.

Flash teeth whitening system

● The Flash teeth whitening system consists of a Flash Chairside Whitening Lamp and Chairside Flash Light Whitening System.

● The Flash Light Whitening gel is applied to teeth surfaces only and activated by the chairside whitening lamp for 15 mins. You can find the desired results in only 4 repeated sessions of 15 mins.

● 25% of hydrogen peroxide gel is activated by the use of a Flash Chairside Whitening Lamp for teeth whitening.

Laser teeth whitening

● Laser teeth whitening systems use the lasers to activate the gel containing hydrogen peroxide and release oxygen.

● A concentrated gel is used in laser teeth whitening. It requires proper handling to avoid any injury or burn to the soft tissues like gums and lips.

  • Patients are advised to use anti-sensitivity toothpaste for 7 days before the teeth whitening procedure. 
  • After the procedure, for the next 2 hours, patients are instructed to drink clear fluids only. Consumption of pigmented food and drink must be avoided just after teeth whitening for at least the next 2 hours.
  • After the teeth whitening procedure, the patient is again advised to use the anti-sensitivity toothpaste.
  • To maintain and maximize the results take-home trays are given to the patient. So they can maintain teeth whitening at home.
  • Patients are instructed to avoid consuming pigmented food and drinks, smoking and tobacco chewing, to maintain the teeth whitening results for a longer time.

Teeth whitening can dramatically improve the shade of the teeth. The final result is a more bright and naturally pearly white smile.

Which teeth whitening is the best?

The selection of the best teeth whitening system is determined by the dentist. After examination of your teeth, the dentist will tell you about the whitening option best suited for you.

Are our teeth whitening systems safe?

Yes, teeth whitening systems are safe. The dentist will take the necessary precautions before and after the teeth whitening procedure to ensure no or minimum complications of the procedure.

How much teeth whitening cost?

The cost of teeth whitening depends upon the teeth whitening option you are opting for and the dental office providing the service. 

What teeth whitening works?

All latest teeth whitening system, either Zoom or Flash or laser, is effective in giving the results desired by the patient.

Which teeth whitening kit is the best?

The teeth whitening results are based on the factors like stain density, the habit of consuming pigmented drinks or food and smoking or tobacco chewing. We recommend you consult the dentist before deciding on a home or in-office teeth whitening procedure.

Will teeth whitening remove stains?

Yes, teeth whitening will remove the stains. And to maintain the whiteness of teeth, customized take-home trays are provided to the patient and advised to avoid the pigmented drinks and food. 

Will teeth whitening damage my teeth?

No, teeth whitening will not damage your teeth. But you might feel mild sensitivity for which you will be advised to use anti-sensitivity toothpaste before and after the teeth whitening.

Why teeth whitening doesn't work?

This is a problem faced by in-home users of teeth whitening kits. In-home teeth whitening kits contain only 10% hydrogen peroxide. 10% hydrogen oxide is not efficient in most cases of teeth whitening. So it is recommended to consult the dentist before opting for any teeth whitening kit.

Why teeth whitening causes sensitivity?

The process of teeth whitening opens up the pores of enamel to remove stains. So opened enamel pores cause sensitivity. But in advanced teeth whitening systems anti-sensitivity gel is applied as soon as the teeth whitening is completed to close the enamel pores. Hence reducing the sensitivity.

Which teeth whitening is safe?

Teeth whitening systems are safe unless the necessary precautions are followed. Sometimes the use of in-home teeth whitening kits without consulting the dentist can result in damage to gums and tongue and extreme tooth sensitivity.

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