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Increase self-confidence with slim and toned Abdomen with a Tummy Tuck

Are you looking to remove excess fat, skin or stretched around your abdomen? Do you want to regain your pre-pregnancy body? If yes, a Tummy Tuck is the perfect solution for you. Regain your self-esteem and confidence with Dubai’s best Tummy Tuck Experts.

Increasing social media influence and fitness trends have led to an increasing desire for a slimmer, flat, and toned stomach. But the millennial lifestyle comes with its own disadvantages, such as hectic corporate life, stress, and processed food habits which are directly related to weight gain. Apart from this, fat or sagging skin can also happen due to various factors such as ageing, hereditary, previous surgical procedure, pregnancy, or rapid weight loss.  People who resort to stricter diets or surgical procedures for weight loss or women with multiple pregnancies may find it difficult to achieve the desired goals for a toned abdomen. This happens because the muscles that hold the stomach skin don’t return to its original shape after the expansion due to weight or pregnancy. Once the stomach skin is stretched, and underlying muscle is separated, they cannot be brought to original form with lifestyle changes only

But modern science has a solution to this problem. You can finally regain your self-esteem and confidence back and ditch compression wear by having a desired abdomen with Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty - a safe and common procedure for removal of excess fat and sagging skin from the abdomen area.

So, what is a Tummy Tuck?

The Tummy tuck is a targeted cosmetic surgery procedure to eliminate sagging skin & fat from the abdomen. This procedure gives the patient a desirable slim, toned and sculpted abdomen. All excess fat and skin are removed during the procedure and it can help reduce some of the stretch marks as some part of the skin is removed and other part is stretched downwards. At times Tummy Tuck is used in conjunction with Liposuction or Fat Transfer to provide the desired contours

Upon initial diagnosis, our surgeons would plan a bespoke treatment plan for each patient. They will also assess if you need a Tummy Tuck or Liposuction or combination of treatments. The type of procedure and amount of fat/skin to be removed would determine the size of the cut/scar and its location. However, in almost all successful cases, these scars are strategically placed and are not visible while wearing swimwear. Also, a normal look and position belly button is achieved.

Who Is It For? Are you Eligible for a tummy Tuck?

  • If you have lost a lot of weight and now have loose and sagging skin around the waist line
  • Women who have had multiple pregnancies and are suffering from excess skin or bulge due to separation of skin from the rectus muscle
  • Women who are not planning to have any subsequent pregnancy
  • Preferably a non-smoker
  • Have a stable weight

Why choose us for Tummy Tuck Surgery? The MEDSTAR Advantage

  • Plastic Surgeons who have performed over 1000+ surgeries.
  • World-class infrastructure, advanced equipment & latest technology. 
  • Safe, healthy with long-lasting results

The Plastic surgeon at Medstar will examine and determine the best option for you, which may be one of the below-listed tummy tuck surgery:

                                      • Full Tummy Tuck: Also known as the abdominoplasty is the most commonly offered tummy tuck procedure. Our plastic surgeons will mark the midsection above and below the abdomen. The surgery incision usually runs from the right hip to the left hip, and it will be fixed as low as attainable to maintain the line concealed underneath the clothes. For ladies who have had a C-section (Caesarean Section), the existing scar can usually be used as an entrance point. Our specialist will then conceal the underlying muscles to produce a smoother, flatter tummy appearance. If required, liposuction can be used to add contour to the abdomen. The skin will then be re-draped, and the stomach repositioned to attain an aesthetically captivating and natural-looking achievable outcome. Excess skin can then be removed, and the cut-incision is closed.
                                      • Mini Tummy Tuck: A mini tummy tuck is an apt procedure to remove excess abdominal skin inhabited mostly under the belly button level. A miniature, C-section natured cut is constituted, conceding for a less notable scar. Since this procedure is typically targeted toward fat below the belly button, it is left in the position without modification.
                                      • Fleur de Lis Abdominoplasty: is performed for patients whose abdominal area is larger than their hips, i.e., noticeable excess skin around the waist, especially. In this procedure the surgeon makes two incisions: one standard horizontal incision and one vertical incision which runs along the middle of your abdomen.  This combination of incisions allows the surgeon to achieve an all-round tightening of the skin. Because more muscle will be affected, recovery time is a tad more in these types of procedures.
                                      • Circumferential Tummy Tuck / Lower Body Lift: A lower body lift procedure is generally recommended for patients with drastic weight loss and have excess skin around the waist, and hips, thighs and buttocks. An incision cut is formed that compasses the complete circumference of the stomach. This enables the plastic surgeon to compress and raise the skin over and above the incision line. Due to the superior nature of this procedure, a stay in the center may be advised. In order to achieve a flatter, firmer midsection, this procedure can improve the hips, thighs, and buttocks contour and looks in one surgery itself.
                                      • Reverse Abdominoplasty: is performed on patients who have loose skin around the upper abdominal area i.e., above the belly button. The surgeon places an incision under the breast to remove the excess skin and tighten the remaining skin.
                                      • Tummy Tuck Repair Abdominoplasty: is a complicated surgery that demands extensive training, expertise, and experience to operate harmlessly and successfully. If you had a tummy tuck performed by a different surgeon and you are unhappy with the result, our certified, globally renowned, and experienced plastic surgeons can aid to enhance the results. Some of the most common grievances include residual skin indulgence, tissue bunching at the surgery incisional place, and an unattractive scar.

                                      Consultation with our expert plastic surgeons is the first step at Medstar Aesthetics Center. Our experts will assess which type of treatment/procedure is best suited for you. We understand that you should love the outcome of your cosmetic surgery, and we take every effort to make sure that you attain your cosmetic goals.

                                      Deciding and Preparing about Tummy Tuck

                                      Any surgical process is a commitment and one should self-evaluate whether a particular procedure is suitable for achieving personal body goals. Surgical procedures necessitate appropriate recovery time before returning to normal activities. The full effect of the surgery also takes some time to realize. Before making a decision, one should ask the following questions to themselves

                                      • I have exhausted all other options to lose weight
                                      • I understand my goals from the surgery
                                      • I understand the details of the procedure and post-op care/recovery
                                      • Am I committed and would continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle after the surgery?

                                      Preparing for the surgery

                                      • Decide about the clinic and surgeon basis his experience, professionalism, philosophy, his part work and your comfort with the surgeon
                                      • Discuss your current health condition and medication – the surgeon will carry out a pre-anesthesia check-up before the procedure
                                      • Smoker and Alcoholic people must seek advice on how these can interfere with the surgery or its results

                                      During the surgery

                                      A pre-anesthesia check-up and consultation is done with the anesthesiologist before planning the surgery, where you would be explained everything about the procedure. In most cases, the surgery will be done under general anesthesia and you would not feel anything during the course of the procedure.

                                      After the surgery

                                      Depending on the procedure's type and complexity, you may need to stay in the medical center either for a few hours or the surgeon might want you to stay for a day before sending you home. The recovery period from the surgery is different for different people, but it takes few days for the stitches to heal.  In most cases the drains are left in for a few days, and you would be explained how to manage the drains. You may be advised some medication such as antibiotics, pain killers and anticoagulants post the surgery. In all such procedures, you are supposed to wear compression garments to keep the swelling in control, avoid fluid build-up, and support the abdomen. Your surgeon may advise you for the treatments like VelaShape III for few weeks after you have healed from the initial surgery. Just like in case of any surgery, you would not be allowed to do any strenuous work or do any work-out or drive your car for few weeks after the surgery.  So, remember to arrange for your drive back home.

                                      In short, you can expect the following:

                                      1. How to take care of the drain tubes 
                                      2. Medication to be taken
                                      3. How to take care of the incision so as to avoid any infection
                                      4. Follow-up visit plan for a change of dressing / follow up review by the surgeon
                                      5. Your diet and daily regime
                                      6. How to wear your compression garment and period you need to wear the same
                                      7. Avoid alcohol and smoking until you heal completely 

                                      Tips for Home Recovery - Post-Operative care and medication

                                      Since these are planned procedures, it is important to plan your days post-surgery so that you have a smooth transition 

                                      1. Set up your home and a comfortable place for you
                                      2. Your daily regime must provide for enough rest and no strenuous work
                                      3. Eat a healthy diet and drink a lot of water which would help flush toxins from your body
                                      4. You may additionally do the following
                                        1. Take vitamin and pro-biotic supplements (after consultation with your doctor)
                                        2. Drink green tea as they are immunity booster and are antioxidants
                                        3. Eat food that reduces inflammation and bloating
                                        4. Use homeopathy medicine ‘Arnica’ which helps reduce swelling, bruising and pain

                                      The results of the procedure differ from one individual to another as the problem is never the same. However, one should expect the following results after complete healing:

                                      · Natural-looking slim and toned abdomen

                                      · No excess skin around the abdomen

                                      · Confident you!

                                      Is tummy tuck surgery permanent? 

                                      Generally speaking, the results of a Tummy tuck should last as long as one maintains a healthy lifestyle and doesn’t gain any unnecessary weight.

                                      What is recovery time and downtime?

                                      Mini tummy tuck is same day procedure and simple tummy tuck can also be same day procedure. All other procedures may need a stay for a night or two. Post operation check will be needed for wound management and dressing change. Most people are able to walk the same day or the next day of surgery but it takes time to resume full normal activities. 

                                      How much does Tummy Tuck Surgery cost in Dubai? Are their payment plans for Tummy Tucks?

                                      Many variables that go in deciding the price like treatment area, complexity, local vs general anesthesia and time needed. The surgeon will be able to assess to provide an accurate estimate. Depending on the procedure, a price range would be between AED 12,000 to AED 50,000.

                                      If you are concerned about the upfront costs of a Tummy Tuck, we can help. MEDSTAR has tie-ups with various banks and Credit Cards, and can work with you together to work out an EMI Plan to help with the pricing

                                      Are Tummy Tuck Surgeries covered by Insurance?

                                      Tummy Tucks are aesthetic procedures, and as a general rule, they are not covered under medical insurance.

                                      Why is Tummy Tuck done? How is it different from Liposuction?

                                      A Tummy Tuck is different than Liposuction since, in this procedure, an incision is made under the bottom of the skin near abdominal wall. The surgeon sews the muscle in the abdominal wall, stretches the skin over the abdomen and trims off the excess skin. Unlike Liposuction, where cannulas are used for sucking out fat from a particular area. Both procedures are performed under general anesthesia.

                                      What are the risks and risk Mitigation Plan for a Tummy Tuck?

                                      Although this being one the popular treatments and performed by our expert surgeons, sometimes a patient has to do a follow-up visit for wound care or infection if proper care is not taken. Other possible risks could include changes in sensation due to repositioning of abdominal nerves, fluid accumulation which needs to be drained, and tissue necrosis which must also be removed by the Best Tummy Tuck surgeon in Dubai.

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