What is Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that helps flatten the abdomen by removing excess fat and skin. It is popular procedure which helps in

  • tightening the muscles
  • giving definition to the abs
  • better posture

Tummy tuck is generally a safe procedure which gives permanent results as long the patient maintains a healthy lifestyle.

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Why is Tummy Tuck done ? how it is diff from Liposuction

Tummy Tuck is a popular procedure to get rid of excess loose skin around the abdomen area which can develop due to pregnancies or due to rapid weight loss. At Medstar Tummy Tuck Surgery in Dubai personalise the treatment to the patient’s body and preference.

It is different than Liposuction since in this procedure an incision is made under the bottom of the skin near abdominal wall. The surgeon sews the muscle in the abdominal wall and stretches the skin over the abdomen and trims off the excess skin. Unlike Liposuction where cannulas are used for sucking out fat from a particular area. Both procedures are performed under general anaesthesia

Who is the right candidate

People with good health condition with large fat deposit or loose skin around abdomen are right candidate for this kind of procedure

Who is NOT the right candidate

We do not recommend this treatment for the following people If you BMI is over 30 or If you are planning to get pregnant or If you are on weight loss program or if you have a chronic heart condition

What are the Expected Results?

This surgery is supposed to successfully remove the stubborn fat cells that do not respond to fat burning workouts. Lipo allows you to get a slimmer body with the perfect contours that enhance your overall appearance. Liposuction was once the single most popular procedure for weight loss among men and second most popular among women, after breast augmentation.

Even though there is no “right age” for being a liposuction candidate, older patients struggling with excess fat and loss of skin elasticity might not have results as good as a younger patient would. Otherwise, this surgical procedure is appropriate for both women and men. The ideal candidate is the one who is just slightly above average weight and not overly obese.

Surgery duration for tummy tuck | When can I be discharged after the tummy tuck surgery | How long will it take me to get back to routine activity after tummy tuck surgery


First of all it is important to follow all post operation instructions given by the surgeon so as to avoid any complications. Also post-surgery exercise or weight bearing posture or strenuous activity is restricted until allowed and advised by the surgeon

Risk and risk mitigation

Although this being one the popular treatments and performed by our expert surgeons, sometimes a patient has to do a follow-up visit for wound care or infection if proper care is not taken. Other possible risks could include change sin sensation due to reposition of abdominal nerves, fluid accumulation which needs to be drained and tissue necrosis which must also be removing by the Best Tummy tuck surgeon in Dubai

Dr. Anshu Mishra

Dr. Anshu Mishra

Specialist - Plastic Surgeon


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