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Get A Beautiful Smile With Veneers And Lumineers 

Are you having stained, cracked, chipped or misshapen teeth? Or are you having teeth with wide gaps in between? Then Veneers and Lumineers are innovative ways to correct the aforesaid minor dental problems and attain a beautiful smile fast and easy. Veneers and Lumineers can transform the shape, size and colour of teeth for an aesthetically pleasing smile.

What are veneers and Lumineers?





Veneers are thick and opaque covering of a tooth, prepared in the dental lab.

Lumineers are ultrathin and translucent cover bonded with the tooth.


They are bonded to the tooth permanently.

They are reversible, meaning they can be removed anytime.


● Being 1.5 mm thick.

● Lumineers are 0.3 mm thick like an eye contact lens.


● Tooth preparation is required before the placement of veneers.

No tooth preparation is required for Lumineers making it widely known as ‘no prep’ veneers.



Veneers can be porcelain veneers or composite veneers.

Lumineers are made up of porcelain material only.


Both Veneers and Lumineers are tough to protect the teeth and do not stain or break easily unlike tooth enamel

When to opt for veneers and Lumineers?

● Discolouration of teeth due to stains of coffee, tea or wine or smoking

● Broken or chipped teeth

● Whitening of teeth for a smile makeover

● Unknown tooth sensitivity

● Small teeth

● The gap in between the teeth

● Smile makeover

When to see the dentist?

● Consult the dentist if you are noticing stains even after regular brushing. Especially in the following cases:

○ Stains that make your smile look dull.

○ Stubborn stains due to beverages like coffee, tea or wine.

○ The stain remains caused by smoking or tobacco chewing.

○ Tooth discolouration due to trauma to the tooth or due to abnormal enamel formation can also be corrected by veneers and lumineers.

● Other than stains if you are looking for a solution to a broken or chipped tooth, a gap in between the tooth or hypersensitivity of the tooth, veneers are the best option.

● They are the first choice of a cosmetic dentist for smile makeovers.

Who are Veneers and Lumineers for? Are you eligible for veneers and Lumineers?

● Veneers and Lumineers are capable of making teeth brighter and whiter. The teeth that are visible while smiling are considered for veneers and Lumineers. These teeth include incisors, canines and premolars.

● Veneers on teeth like molars, responsible for chewing and grinding the food, are not recommended. Molars are used for heavy tasks so the veneer placed can get off easily.

● If you are looking for a whiter smile without any stains or gaps or broken teeth then yes, you are eligible for veneers and Lumineers. Also, for Hollywood, pearly or bridal smile, veneers are the best option. They make the smile more white, bright and aesthetic in just 2 or 3 appointments.

Why choose MEDSTAR? The MEDSTAR advantage

Medstar is the leading dental office providing veneers and Lumineers in Dubai as we are known for quality and satisfaction by the patient. The dental office has updated brands of veneers and Lumineers available for the patient. Our dentists are skilled and experienced in enhancing the smile of the patients with the help of veneers and Lumineers. We use digital tools like digital smile design (DSD) for selecting the exact number of veneers or Lumineers on teeth required for a smile makeover. This makes veneers and Lumineers selection a result-oriented and cost-effective procedure at MEDSTAR. 

What is the procedure of veneers and Lumineers?

    • After the consultation and patient agreement for the veneers dentist will prepare the tooth. Teeth are prepared by removing enamel up to 1.5mm for the placement of veneers on teeth. In the case of Lumineers, no preparation is done. 
    • Next is an impression of the teeth is taken and sent to the dental lab. Temporary veneers are given to the patient till the permanent veneers are provided by the lab. To protect the teeth from sensitivity and aesthetic purpose temporary veneers are bonded to the teeth.
    • In the next visit, veneers are and Lumineers are bonded to the teeth. Veneers are bonded to the teeth permanently while Lumineers can be removed and bonded again.
    • In the follow-up appointment shape and fitting is adjusted if required.

    What to choose veneers or Lumineers?

    Veneers being 1.5mm are opaque and can hide dark stains and they are permanently bonded to the teeth. While Lumineers are 0.3mm thick and translucent in comparison to veneers. They can’t hide dark stains but do appear more closer to the enamel of the tooth. Also, Lumineers can be removed easily as they do not require tooth preparation.

    Which will be better for you will be explained by the dentist based on the case presented.

    Both veneers and Lumineers are made of tough porcelain that can protect the teeth enamel without staining while maintaining the aesthetics of the smile.

    • For veneers, tooth preparation is required. The tooth is prepared by the dentist in the dental office by removing a thin layer of enamel required to make space for veneers placement. Post which temporary veneers are fixed on the prepared teeth to avoid sensitivity until the permanent veneers are fixed. 
    • For Lumineers, no preparations are required. 
    • After the placement of veneers and Lumineers, you may have to visit the dentist for a follow-up to check if adjustments are required. 

    After the bonding of veneers and Lumineers, you can expect the aesthetically beautiful smile as the outcome which was first envisioned in the digital smile design. Whatever the reason either stains, broken tooth or as a part of a smile makeover, the final result will be a confident and beautiful smile.

    Are veneers permanent?

    Yes, veneers are permanent. After removing the thin layer of enamel of the tooth, veneers are bonded to the tooth. In contrast, Lumineers can be removed from the tooth and the process is reversible.

    What’re veneers teeth?

    Veneers teeth are teeth having a 1.5mm thick covering of veneers. Veneers are thin porcelain material covering that is tough and resistant free. They are mostly used in Hollywood and bridal smile makeover.

    How many veneers do I need?

    The number of veneers you need is determined on the basis of the dental condition presented. In the case of a smile makeover, the dentist will determine the number of veneers you need for the perfect smile.

    Are veneers worth it?

    Yes, they are. They can transform the dull smile into a bright smile permanently. Also, they protect from sensitivity and stains. Thus, not only do you have benefit clinically, from the removal of sensitivity but also, you will be able to smile with confidence. No more feeling self-conscious of how your teeth look.

    Will veneers protect my teeth?

    Yes, veneers will protect teeth. They are made of tough porcelain which re resistant to stains and sensitivity causing factors like cold beverages or food.

    Why do some veneers look bulky?

    There are rare chances of veneers looking bulky as they are very thin (1.5 mm thick). They blend with the natural shape of the teeth of the patient.

    Which is better Lumineers or veneer?

    Both Lumineers and veneer are tough and stain-resistant. Choosing between them depends on the darkness of stains. For Dark stains, veneers are used.

    What are Lumineers made of? What’re Lumineers teeth?

    Lumineers are made up of ultrathin porcelain material which is tough and stain-resistant.
    Lumineers teeth are teeth wearing 0.3mm thick Lumineers covering. They protect the teeth and are stain-resistant.

    What is Lumineers teeth procedure?

    It is a very simple procedure. Mostly completed in two appointments excluding the consulting visit. In the first appointment, a dental impression is taken and in the second visit, Lumineers are bonded to the teeth.

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