MEDSTAR is reopening the SINOPHARM Vaccination Program for all Residents of UAE. Vaccination on pre-booking of appointment through the form provided below.

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1) We will continue for the whole month of June 21

2) Open for both first dose and second dose (you have to show your first dose on the ALHOSN App to avail the second dose)

3) All communication will be through email only. Please ensure your email id is correct and check the SPAM/JUNK folder

4) At the time of the appointment you will need to show your appointment email

5) Your vaccine record will be on ALHOSN App and will take 7 days to reflect. Make sure you provide the correct Emirates ID and phone details.

6) If you cannot make a reservation now, do not worry, we will soon be opening more days and more slots.


DOWNLOAD APP - Approximately, two to three week after the second dose, all your information will be available in Al Hosn App

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