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March 29, 2017

Gynecomastia – Not Something You Have to Live With !

Gynecomastia – the over development of breast tissue or women like breasts affects about 10-15% adult men. It is no laughing matter or a matter of ignorance for men with prominent breasts. This condition makes majority of men extremely self-conscious about exposing their chest or even wear tight fitting styles!

Many men face this but do not talk about this. We at Medstar now have a relatively simple solution to this problem.

Yes their exists a solution

Men need to be well aware that there exists a remedy to this suffering.



  • Hormone Releasing tumors
  • Medical conditions such as hyperthyroidism or chronic liver & kidney disorders
  • Side effects of certain medications such as antihypertensive or anabolic steroids
  • Excessive alcohol
  • Long term drug abuse
  • Klinefelter’s syndrome: Genetic Anomalies
  • Skin care products such as lavender oil & tea tree oil

Gynecomastia surgery is most commonly performed as an outpatient procedure where the patient comes in the morning and gets discharged the very same day. The surgery usually takes about hour and a half.

The procedure involves removing fatty tissue by liposuction. It may also require direct excision of glandular tissue. In some cases, excision of redundant skin may also be necessary. At Medstar, we personalize the treatment procedure, as most patients require a combination of both procedures under general anesthesia or local anesthetic plus sedation.

Also, healing is a gradual process & is accompanied by mild soreness. Depending on the treatment procedure, recovery can range from one to six weeks with no exercise or heavy weight lifting for up to five weeks.

The scars eventually fade away, becoming almost unnoticeable and natural.

Always remember that when it comes to breasts, its best when it is aimed at looking natural.

Restore your lost confidence now at Medstar !

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