General Surgery


Medstar is equipped to deliver the full spectrum of care for a variety of conditions that require surgical procedures. Using a multidisciplinary approach to healing, our doctors blend state -of- the-art diagnostic practices with advanced treatment plans to provide the right care. Whether it is an outpatient service or inpatient surgery, our renowned surgeons offer personalised , compassionate and trustworthy surgical care and support.

Our devoted team ensures that all needs of our patients are met. From the very first consultation, through to their discharge from the centre, through to the post surgery aftercare.

Scope of Services

  • Latest technique to treat Piles, Anal Fissures and Anal Fistula
  • Varicose Veins Treatment with Latest Same-Day Procedure
  • Spider Veins with Microsclerotherapy & Laser
  • Treatment of hyperhidrosis with injectable injection
  • Breast Surgery (Benign)
  • Laser surgery for various skin problems such as corn excision, warts removal and ingrown toe nail and nail fungal infection.
  • Diabetic foot treatment.

Our Doctors

Dr. Shailesh Matkar

Specialist General Surgeon


Dr. Jayakrishna Reddy

Specialist General Surgeon


Dr. Shreya Rajkumar

Specialist General surgeon



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