Body Contouring

If you aspire for a better-shaped body, body contouring can help you achieve that. Body contouring is the process of sculpting the human body through medical and surgical methods. Body contouring helps to reshape a specific area of the body, like the arms, belly, buttocks, thighs and more. Normally, body contouring procedures are opted by patients to get rid of excess fat or to contour an area of the body as a part of a weight loss process or for aesthetic reasons.

Body contouring is done through non-surgical and surgical methods, both. Non-surgical procedures use methods like laser lipolysis that kills fat cells using lasers, radiofrequency lipolysis that uses ultrasound waves for the same purpose or by using injections that target fat cells in the area. Another method is called cryolipolysis, which uses cold temperatures for fat cell destruction. While surgical methods include tucking, lifting, or liposuction.

The procedure

The surgical procedure can be anywhere between a 45-minute minor process to a few hours, depending on the method adopted and the complexity of the procedure. It usually includes the following steps:

  • The surgery area is pre-marked.
  • Anesthesia is administered.
  • Incisions are made on the sanitized body part.
  • Tissues in the selected area are cut or repositioned.
  • Excess skin is trimmed off and excess fat is suctioned out by the surgeon.
  • Incision is closed.

In a non-surgical intervention, which is a short process that normally lasts an hour, the selected area is marked and ultrasound waves, lasers or cold or heat pressure is applied depending on the type of procedure opted for. The results are not immediately evident, but continued sessions help in achieving the desired results.

Healing process

Patients can leave on the same day after the procedure with specific instructions on managing the surgical area. The recovery time can take a few weeks to a few months, depending on the procedure undergone and the body’s reaction to the procedure. The non-surgical methods involve lesser recovery time and the patient can get back to normal life almost immediately. Although, for both the methods, post-procedure medications are required to control and manage infections (if any) and the patient may have to periodically visit the doctor for reviews.


  • What is body contouring without surgery?

    Body contouring consists of several surgical and non-surgical procedures for reshaping the body. Non-surgical procedures use alteration in temperature, ultrasound, radiofrequency, laser and electromagnetic waves to reshape the body. They are relatively safe with a short recovery time. They help in contouring the body by:

    • Removal of stubborn fat
    • Tightening of skin
    • Improving the muscle tone
  • What is the best body contouring procedure?

    The selection of body contouring procedure depends upon the type of treatment needed, skin tone and elasticity of the targeted area and number of sessions required for the desired results. Usually, laser procedures for body contouring are considered the most effective non-surgical procedures with long-lasting results. Also, results depend upon the experience and skilled approach of the surgeon, so make sure to choose the cosmetic surgeon carefully or you can opt for Medstar Aesthetics And Multispeciality Centre for safe and effective treatment options.

  • What is body contouring surgery?

    Body contouring surgeries are procedures that help in reshaping and contouring the body as desired by the patient. These procedures have a surgical approach performed under anaesthesia by making an incision and removing excess fat or skin. Abdominoplasty, gynecomastia surgery, blepharoplasty etc are some of the body contouring surgeries. These surgeries not only help in enhancing the appearance but also improves the overall health and confidence of the patient.

  • Is body contouring permanent?

    The stubborn fat removal and muscle toning by the body contouring procedures are permanent. But if the patient gains weight then the fat will again deposit. So the patient is advised to maintain a healthy active lifestyle for long-lasting results. After skin resurfacing and blemishes treatment, the patient is instructed to protect skin from direct sun exposure and keep skin hydrated. The long-lasting skin tightening results depends upon the elasticity of the skin and muscle tone of the patient.

  • Is body contouring safe?

    Body contouring procedures are safe with mild symptoms of pain, swelling, redness, bruising and bleeding. These normal complications subside slowly in a couple of weeks with the use of prescribed medications.Other complications of body contouring are:

    • Scarring due to surgical wounds
    • Infection of surgical wounds
    • Uneven skin tone
    • Surgical wounds infection
    • Excess fluid accumulation
    • Internal bleeding

    All these complications can be minimized by the surgeon’s approach and post-treatment instructions followed by the patient.

  • What is a body contouring laser?

    Body contouring by laser are the procedures that use lasers for the:

    • Removal of fat for reshaping the body
    • Skin tightening of saggy or wrinkled skin due to weight loss, pregnancy and ageing
    • Skin lightening for removal of scars and blemishes
    • Bulging veins in cases of varicose veins in legs

    Laser procedures are safe, precise and effective with long-lasting results. These procedures come under minimally invasive body contouring treatments.

  • Why is body contouring important?

    Body contouring not only improves the appearance but also have a positive effect on the overall health and self-esteem of the patient. When regular exercise is not helping the patient to tone up the body or get rid of loose saggy skin after major weight loss or pregnancy, body contouring helps in regaining the body shape in such conditions with less effort and time. Body contouring also helps in maintaining the youthful appearance of the patient.

  • Is body contouring a plastic surgery?

    Body contouring comes under the aesthetics or cosmetic department. It consists of both non-surgical and surgical procedures to reshape and contour the body of the patient. Body contouring includes the procedures that help in the removal of fat, tightening of the skin, skin lightening and toning of the muscles and help the patient in achieving the desired body shape.

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