Digital Smile Design

Modern technology is taking dentistry to a different level. With the help of computer-generated imagery, it is possible to analyze a face and the facial features at the micro level, to see how the changes planned by a dentist for correctional or cosmetic purposes will appear. This allows for a more successful treatment procedure for the patient’s smile. The digital prediction of the face helps the patient to see how they will look when the procedure is complete, and also consult with the expert and suggest any changes they would like to see. This also allows for designing a perfect procedure plan along with the expert. There is more accuracy in this mode of smile makeover. The highly qualified dental experts at Medstar, with the help of modern technology, provide an array of possibilities for the patient. We have highly affordable smile design plans based on the outcomes desired by our patients.

The procedure

  • Facial pictures from all possible angles and shifts are taken for the software to analyze the face in every turn and curvature.
  • Dental features like teeth, gums etc are observed too.
  • The images are fed to the software and it analyzes accurate measurements and facial features of the patient, including the smile. Projected results are delivered.
  • The patient can alter any projection or suggest any changes in the projection to make further changes in the surgery.
  • Once the final projections are in place, detailed treatment and the surgical plan are discussed between the patient and the surgeon.
  • Treatment plan including surgery is administered and the final expected result can be visible after a few weeks post-surgery.

Our Doctors

Dr. Mohammed Ziad

General Dentist


Dr. Firas Osman

Specialist Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon,
Dental Implantologist



  • What is digital smile design?

    Digital smile design is the software used for smile analysis before starting the treatment. It helps in determining the exact measurements of teeth and gums to be altered for an aesthetic smile.

  • What is smile design?

    Smile designing is the procedure to improve the aesthetics of a smile according to the proportions of the patient’s face and dental features. The shape, size and colour of teeth and gums are enhanced for a pleasing smile as per the digital smile design.

  • Why is digital smile design important?

    It is important for the smile assessment. It analysis the smile according to the patient’s facial features and proportions of the face.

  • Who does digital smile design?

    Digital smile design is done by the dentist in the dental office.

  • Does digital smile design work?

    Yes, it does work. The new analysed smile is more aesthetic and pleasing as it also enhances other facial features and proportions of the face. It also saves time and cost for the procedure as it accurately tells what are the corrections needed to be done post-assessment.

  • Is digital smile design a treatment?

    No, it is not a treatment, it is software that helps in analysing the smile and planning the treatment. It helps in designing the new smile

  • is digital smile design cost-effective?

    Yes, it is cost-effective as it helps in modifying the teeth which will enhance the aesthetics of the smile instead of enhancing every tooth visible during the smile. Unnecessary teeth modifications are not included in the treatment plan reducing the overall cost of the treatment.

  • Is digital smile design expensive?

    The cost of digital smile design depends on the dental office providing the service.

  • Can digital smile design help in Hollywood smile makeover?

    Yes, it can help in achieving the holly wood smile makeover according to the facial proportions and features.

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