Veneers And Lumineers

Not all problems of the teeth require major interventions, surgeries or artificial adjustments like implants or crowns. For minor dental problems like cracks, small gaps, chipped teeth, etc., veneers and lumineers provide excellent options for correction. They are made of fine substances, are long-lasting solutions and can be placed permanently or as a removable option. Veneers are an opaque looking thick covering of a tooth, while lumineers are very thin and translucent coverings. Veneers are bonded with the teeth permanently, whereas lumineers are placed as removable objects. Made in porcelain or composite finish, veneers are thicker than lumineers (that are as thin as a contact lens), and come in a porcelain-finished exterior.

The procedure

  • Initial consultation with the expert to determine what option would be appropriate.
  • Preparation of the tooth by removing ten layer of enamel for placing the veneer. There is no preparation for lumineers as they are thin.
  • Impression of teeth to be sent to the lab and temporary veneers to be placed.
  • Lab sends the new veneer or lumineer to be bonded to the teeth.
  • Follow-up and reviews to determine if veneers or lumineers have bonded the right way with the teeth.

Our Doctors

Dr. Mohammed Ziad

General Dentist


Dr. Firas Osman

Specialist Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon,
Dental Implantologist



  • Are veneers permanent?

    Yes, veneers are permanent. After removing the thin layer of enamel of the tooth, veneers are bonded to the tooth. In contrast, Lumineers can be removed from the tooth and the process is reversible.

  • What’re veneers teeth?

    Veneers teeth are teeth having a 1.5mm thick covering of veneers. Veneers are thin porcelain material covering that is tough and resistant free. They are mostly used in Hollywood and bridal smile makeover.

  • How many veneers do I need?

    The number of veneers you need is determined on the basis of the dental condition presented. In the case of a smile makeover, the dentist will determine the number of veneers you need for the perfect smile.

  • Will veneers protect my teeth?
    Yes, veneers will protect teeth. They are made of tough porcelain which re resistant to stains and sensitivity causing factors like cold beverages or food.
  • Why do some veneers look bulky?
    There are rare chances of veneers looking bulky as they are very thin (1.5 mm thick). They blend with the natural shape of the teeth of the patient.
  • Which is better Lumineers or veneer?
    Both Lumineers and veneer are tough and stain-resistant. Choosing between them depends on the darkness of stains. For Dark stains, veneers are used.
  • What are Lumineers made of? What’re Lumineers teeth?
    Lumineers are made up of ultrathin porcelain material which is tough and stain-resistant.
    Lumineers teeth are teeth wearing 0.3mm thick Lumineers covering. They protect the teeth and are stain-resistant.
  • What is Lumineers teeth procedure?

    It is a very simple procedure. Mostly completed in two appointments excluding the consulting visit. In the first appointment, a dental impression is taken and in the second visit, Lumineers are bonded to the teeth.

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