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Homeopathy is a branch of medicine that originated in the 18th century to treat illnesses and ailments based on the principle that the body itself is capable of making the cure. Under Homeopathy, the body’s own healing process is used to cure diseases. Although there are contrasting opinions about the usage of Homeopathy, the efficacy cannot be underestimated. Homeopathy medicines are safe for people in all age groups.

Homeopathy doctors at Medstar treat patients with a holistic approach, and with an impetus on the patient’s family history, past medical history, and other ailments in the past and present. This involves physical and psychological examination and customized treatments and therapies. The process is achieved through a questionnaire, along with a detailed symptomatic examination of the patient. Prescriptions are given and the patient is advised on the dosage of medication, along with lifestyle changes.

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