Non Surgical Obesity Clinic

At Medstar, highly effective non-surgical methods are adopted for weight loss treatments. An evidence-based MAX Fat Loss Programme used by athletes is provided at all clinics. This method involves FDA-approved drugs and fat-burning supplements. It is combined with diet modifications, exercises, workouts, physical activity and lifestyle changes. The weight loss plan involves regular assessments, digital body fat biometrics, diet protocols, behavioral counseling and follow-ups.

The non surgical weight loss process is based on the latest scientific methods used by athletes for Rapid Weight Loss.

Benefits of the program:

  • Help you jumpstart your weight loss efforts to get over any plateaus
  • Identify any cause of weight gain and factors which are impeding progress
  • Diagnose and treat any metabolic or hormonal dysfunction affecting the metabolism
  • Analyze your eating pattern and organize your diet for healthy weight loss
  • Evaluate your workouts and tune them to burn more fat
  • Make smart changes in your lifestyle to stay healthy and lean
  • Prescribe the latest weight loss medications when required
  • Guide you about the best fat burners and essential supplements

Other Features:

  • Digital Biometric Body Fat Analysis
  • Essential Blood Tests for Metabolic Evaluation.
  • Food Intolerance Tests | USG Abdomen.
  • Genetic Tests for DNA based Diet.
  • Individualized Diet Regimens & Diet Plan Sheets
  • Workout Plans & Home based Exercise Sheets
  • Behavioral Counseling & Lifestyle Modifications.

Our Doctors

Dr. Abrar A. Khan

Weight Loss Physician


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