Female Sexual Health

Female sexual health is important not just to keep away physical ailments, but also for psychological wellbeing. Female sexual disorders can include low sexual desire, constant pain during and after intercourse, difficulty in achieving orgasm, lack of emotional or physical connection with the partner, anxiety and depression, hormonal imbalances or more. Often menopause and PMS can also be the reasons for ill sexual health.

Diagnoses and treatment

Female sexual disorders can be diagnosed with

  • Physical examination
  • Detailed medical history
  • Counselling
  • Blood tests

Treatments can be non-medical and medical

  • Counseling sessions and enabling improved communications with the partner.
  • Following a healthy lifestyle
  • Estrogen therapy


  • What is female sexual health?

    Female sexual health is defined as the state of well being of women to enjoy and participate in sexual activity. It also includes safe sexual practices to prevent unwanted pregnancy and STDs. It is easily affected by the emotional, physical and social factors resulting in female sexual dysfunction or disorders.

  • Is female sexual health necessary?

    Yes, good female sexual health is necessary for the overall health of females. When it is affected, it results in female sexual problems which might lead to further health problems, stress and can affect the relationship with a partner. It is needed for a good sex life with the prevention of unwanted pregnancy and STDs.

  • What is female sexual dysfunction?
    • Female sexual dysfunction is a sexual problem in females that restrict a woman to enjoy and participate in sexual activity. This dysfunction includes:
      • Low or no desire for sex
      • Orgasm disorder
      • Pain during sex
      • Low or no arousal during sexual activity
      • Vagainal atrophy
    • It is treated by non-medical and medical treatment options separately or by a combination of both.
  • What are the risks factors for female sexual dysfunction?

    Risks factors increasing the chances of female sexual dysfunction are:

    • Anxiety, depression and stress
    • Heart disease
    • Neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis
    • Medical conditions like diabetes, thyroid
    • Gynaecological conditions like vulvovaginal atrophy, vaginismus
    • Sexually transmitted diseases
    • Medications like antidepressants
    • Not having a good relationship with the partner
    • A history of sexual abuse
  • Are female sexual problems curable?

    Female sexual problems are affected by a range of physical, emotional and social factors. Non-medical and medical treatment of the underlying cause either physical, emotional or social, help in improving the symptoms of sexual dysfunction in females. Consult our experienced doctors for complete guidance on female sexual disorders and female sexual health.

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